adorable consort 99: Many thanks to my staff

Chapter brought to you by Lilian, Su Jeong, and June. Chapter 2 out of 3 for 4/11-4/18 weekend that I’ll be MIA completed. I’d like to thank Lilian our translator and Su Jeong our editor for helping me get these chapters completed under such time constraints. Again without them I’d be so lost and the speed of Adorable Consort would be 100 times slower. Thank both of you for expediting things on such short notice!

Adorable Consort Chapter 99

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4 Responses to adorable consort 99: Many thanks to my staff

  1. Em says:

    Thank you all <3

  2. lovehj says:

    Thank you for you guys hard work.

  3. senseless_megane says:

    thanks so much for ur hardwork.

  4. JT says:

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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