3 Responses to adorable consort 96: too cute

  1. Kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. ghost reader says:

    Why there’s no comment section inside chapter?
    Are we gonna comment in outside chapters from now on?
    Want to know is there skip time for CQY little to bigger time?
    If there is how many chapter left?
    After reading chapter 69:
    Why CQY not realize what XX mean? It’s mean XX just need CQY by his side right? He even told CQY he will wait until she is an adult to take her as his wife…
    So sweet….
    Thanks for the chapter…

    • June says:

      Thanks for letting me know… I have no idea what happened to the comment section…fixed now. There will be a time skip around chapter 700 or so. The entire book is about 1800 chapters…Right now I don’t think XX sees CQY as a wife more like a kid he has to raise.

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