Adorable consort 10: Story will speed up now

Still haven’t gotten any translating group or people interested in translating this story. The irony is I found more than three sites having pirated the translations 🙁 Will finish publishing all my translated stockpile in two weeks…Enjoy! Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja.

Adorable Consort Chapter 10

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3 Responses to Adorable consort 10: Story will speed up now

  1. Anonymous says:

    please continue whits this novel until the end because its interesting but I can only read spanish (native lenguage) and english

  2. Hellsfate says:

    I feel for you. Haven’t started this novel cause I’m waiting for it to grow chapter wise. I understand having spent hours doing something to have someone come in and take it. I’d love to learn another language and help the translators but I don’t have the resources to learn a language plus I’d procrastinate on all of it lol. So I commend all of your efforts 😀

    • June says:

      I really should spend more time on socializing or having a life… but the novels keep pulling me back in. Maybe when the pirating sites or negative reviews get to me I’ll quit… Until then I’ll keep sacrificing my social life for translating 🙂

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