Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 9.1

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With the Crown Prince’s attendant leading them to a pavilion’s garden, they took a seat. Prince Rui was courteous as he too took a seat. They both did a ceremonious gesture to each other before starting to chat. From a distance, they looked just like 2 officials discussing politics together. Seeing this, Chen Li began to feel woozy with boredom. Luckily though, it seemed that both Prince Rui and Xing Yun are engrossed with their discussion, and her martial arts is  quite powerful.


Thus, Chen Li left the courtyard and easily shook off the servants tailing her. Such a good palace, Chen Li decided to explore!


Her eyes lit up- Not far, sat a pond and within that pond was a beautiful lotus amidst blooming. Her hand reached out to pluck it, but suddenly a feminine voice screamed behind her. “Don’t touch my lotus!”


Chen Li heard her and moved back her hand before turning her head sideways to look at the caller. Suddenly though, the woman who was calling her had suddenly appeared next to her and leaned on the fence, anxiously staring at the lotus. However, the fence was short, and within seconds, more than half of her body was over the fence, about to fall! Hands moving quick, Chen Li grabbed the woman by the strap and pulled her back before she could fall. Despite her successful save though, Chen Li hadn’t controlled her strength, and her belt got caught, ripping away!


The girl’s formal dress fell, almost causing her undergarments to rip as well. She let out  a small cry of surprise, her hands moving crazily to stop it from falling. After trying to pull the top of her garment up to cover her chest, she quickly squatted down into a ball, her head down to hide as much skin as possible and took advantage of Chen Li’s tall figure to hide herself.


How smart! What a good girl, even though she has lost her clothing, she has not lost her pride!


Chen Li’s heart sank. As she held the torn piece of fine cloth, she felt quite embarrassed. “ I’m sorry…. I did not think that this cloth… uh, would be so fragile….”


Hearing this, the girl slowly raised her head out from her arms. Her eyes were staring piercingly at Chen Li.  “ You are a woman?”


Chen Li glanced down at her chest. “Is it not clear?”


Although her power has recovered by a few percent, she was usually just lazing around in Xing Yun’s courtyard, and never had to change. Although she was wearing Xing Yun’s dirtied clothes, when she was in the battlefield, her garments were tens of times worse than her current ones. With such circumstances, she couldn’t care about how dirty his soiled robes were. But today, when Xing Yun forced her to accompany him to see the prince, he also pressured her to change and look presentable. As such, he flipped around the house, trying to find something for Chen Li to change into, only to find no such thing. In the end, she had just clapped her hands and decided to change into her normal dark clothing and bound her hair. No wonder, her hair was bound like a male, her robes were dark, strong and handsome enough, from behind, she probably really did look like a man!


The lady’s cheeks were still red as she shook her head shyly, her voice soft, “ No, still quite obvious, but not from the back…”


To look at her figure from behind, it really must seem quite strange….


The 2 maidens fell into silence, Chen Li noticed how the other’s skin seemed so soft and creamy, eyebrows arched gracefully like mountains, with a pair of beautiful peach eyelids. Her appearance was extremely adorable, making one unconsciously want to play with her. Chen Li moved slightly to one side and pulled lightly on the cloth. The girl’s face reddened even further and shuffled a few steps closer to Chen Li. Chen Li couldn’t help but find that funny, and moved another 2 steps away, and she followed 2 more steps. Finally, the girl really couldn’t help it anymore and begged Chen Li,    


  “Mi-…. Miss, please stop toying with me….. If you would kindly so, please help me find my belt…. In this state… I cannot go up and walk….”


“Belt, I have one, ah.” Chen Li stood up, finding a solution. She is wearing a purple ribbon around her waist as a belt,  but rather than actual utility, it was merely for decor. However, inside her outer robes, she had a thin belt tied to her underclothes. She taking off the outer belt urgently, but the girl was too busy covering her eyes as she cried out. “ Ah, nevermind, no need to take off!”
“It’s nothing, I just have it inside-” Chen Li couldn’t finish her words before she got interrupted by a sudden shout. “Thief is bold! To dare mess in the imperial palace!”

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