Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 9

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Why Chen Li should accompany him, is obviously, for the sake of that stupid prince. After offending the crown prince in such a manner, there would be no short of killers waiting for the duo. Although there is no great benefit for the prince’s side, if Xing Yun tells the emperor of his knowledge and conspiracies, then it would cause much trouble. Therefore, he must kill Chen Li, and of course, Xing Yun secretly.


Yesterday, outlining it clearly, it was obvious that Xing Yun himself is rather a simple and defenceless figure. However, Chen Li is capable of causing a major threat to the Crown Prince. He is no fool, so the killer must pick off Xing Yun when he is alone as to avoid getting slaughtered by Chen Li. It is, after all better to remove the source, than die a needless death.


It would be impossible of Xing Yun to not understand this point- So naturally, he must always take Chen Li with him.


As Xing Yun dragged Chen Li out, she suddenly frowned as she looked at the name on the door. “Rui Wangfu?”


He nodded, “The current emperor has 7 sons. The crown prince from earlier is the first born of the current empress whereas Rui Wangfui is born from a concubine. However, his mother is currently favoured by the emperor, and his family has very deep ties with the hidden power within this country. If you want to find someone that can oppose the Crown Prince, it can only be him.”


Chen Li felt surprised-”You usually are so indifferent to these things, yet you know so much!”

“Before last night, I really was clueless.” Xing Yun smiled. “But to clean up this mess, I have to make preparations.” Just as he finished speaking, the sound of a whip sliced sharply through the air from the corner of the street. The trampling of hooves ran down through the road before stopping sharply at the edge of the house and soon, a grand carriage escorted by guards appeared. Xing Yun slowly walked forward and shouted loudly. “Fortuneteller Xing Yun sees Prince Rui!”


He kept silent for a moment before opening his mouth. “Fortuneteller?” His voice was not very nice, resembling a sneer as he said, “A brave fortuneteller. Currently, don’t you know that what the people loathe most are swindlers? This prince is no different.”


Xing Yun only smiled. “If your Highness takes me as your strategist, than I can present my next plan for you- One that could even help you succeed the throne from the Crown Prince. I do not know what Your Highness thinks?”


“Why should this King believe you?


“Last night, the Crown Prince came to my abode, just to request for my aid. However….” Xing Yun paused, not finishing his sentence. “Your Majesty, if you wish to continue our conservation, we can go inside.”


The carriage curtain opens, revealing a handsome man dressed in an embroidered garnet robe. Although he could be considered as very good looking, a hideously deep scar sat on the left side of his forehead, extending all the way to his mouth. Even Chen Li couldn’t tell what the weapon which was used to create this was.


Chen Li secretly thought, that Emperor must have done something and offended the heavens, thus retribution went to his son!


The Prince examined Xing Yun and took a glance at Chen Li. Finally, he waved his hands, his husky voice sounding. “ Take them to the backyard.”

Within the palace, there were many pavilions and courtyard. There were many warehouses, marketplaces and houses, it had everything! Where Chen Li was born, it was a desolate wasteland. It  was constantly filled with scoundrels, fog, and the soul as well as remains of the deceased, haunting the place as evil spirits. It didn’t even have a single blade, nevermind here, where it is filled with countless flowers and glittering lakes.  But despite it’s beauty, Chen Li didn’t like the palace at all, and would still prefer her birthplace. The palace stank of vile depression, making her feel very sombre. The atmosphere was stiffened, as if bound by countless rules and overloaded by stress. Compared to Xing Yun’s courtyard, although it was minor in comparison, the atmosphere was so free and relaxing. This place has even less freedom than the Demon World.

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