Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Chen Li followed the scent trail of the two from before, finally ending up to the entrance to a small dwelling. She stood in front of the door, at a lost- How to get in? Suddenly, the door creaked open. Surprised, Chen Li quickly rushed behind the bushes, hidden in darkness.

A formally dressed man in a suit walked out, holding a lantern. Why he was actually the same middle aged man that was with the old lady earlier today! “ Sorry, I must go to work, or else I will be late. I’m leaving first. Please look after sister-in-law, it’s very late right now so no mattr what, don’t let her go and look for that fortune teller again.

From inside, the women nodded gently. “ Alright, you be careful. “

The man waved and left the home, following a path away from the courtyard. Outside, Chen Li is anxious- How can she get inside?! Suddenly though, the door opened again. The women ran out, holding a cloak as she worryingly yelled, “ Ai, Da Lang, your cloak! The night is cold, make sure you do not fall sick.”

Chen Li’s eyes lit up with spirit- A chance! The door to the courtyard was opened and the women is too far away to see her. Chen Li ran quickly, and all you could see was a mere glimpse of her figure before she landed in the yard. In the yard, Chen Li quickly spotted the madame of the house in one of the rooms. The bright light illuminated her figure, causing a lonely, sorrowful feeling to emite from her. She just sat there, sewing as her silhouette fell on the grass in front of Chen Li.

The door to her room was open, so Chen Li quietly explored the house before poking her head in through the crevice between the door and wall. At a glance, she immediately understood why she had felt that unquestionably dangerous feeling when she first saw the old lady.

Behind the women, a young man dressed in a suit of shabby light armor, gazed at her softly. His eyes were gentle and a smile was on his lips as he watched the old women mend the clothes. His face was so tender, as if he was looking at his most beloved treasure, yet whom he couldn’t touch. Earlier, it was day and the sun was shining too brightly to see him clearly. However, now that it’s night, his form and body is very clear to see.

To think that her husband has turned into but a mere spritual concious… Chen Li couldn’t help but let out a sigh. The reason why she could never find her husband wasn’t because she wasn’t trying hard enough…. But rather due to him being with her all along.

However, when she let out the sigh, she didn’t expect for the armored man to hear her! Turning around swiftly to glare at her. The stotic, black eyes turned crimson as he opened his mouth, sprit power overflowing as he rushed over to a shocked Chen Li. Her wings unfurrled as she flapped them madly, “Stop!!” But the sprit ignored her as the sprit power infulged her, causing Chen Li to stagger and roll backwards, knocking down sevral pots down as well.

“S-Stop…. Stop…..” Chen Li coughed violently, forcing off the pressure on her neck.

The sprit did not reply, just staring at her coldly, ready to attack Chen Li again.

Chen Li’s mind ran madly, thinking of ideas when she blurted out, “I’m here to help you!”

When the man heard this, he relaxed slightly, his face softening a little. Chen Li let out a sigh of relief, about to continue. However, at that moment, a side door opened, revealing the young women. The young women was unable to see the sprit, so she could only look at Chen Li weirdly. “Why is there a plucked chicken here….?” Immediately turning around, she rushed out only to for a stone to drop on her head. Her eyes rolled back and fainted.

Behind her is a dirty Xing Yun who threw the stones. With an air of frustration, he mocked, “ Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Of course a little chicken has to go run around looking for trouble. “

Chen Li looked at him, too shocked to care about the comment. “How did you get here?”

“Climbed a wall.” Xing Yun replied before picking up Chen Li in his arms and scolding her. “Don’t you know there’s a curfew? Back, now. “

“Wait!” Chen Li shot up, standing in front of Xing Yun’s face before pointing at the spirit. “Don’t you see that!?”

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