Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 5.1

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Chen Li whacked Xing Yun across the face. Her feathers that were finally peaking out did not soften the hit a bit.

“ Now do you see? I still have to help them…”


Chen Li gestured once again to the armored man, “ You are so gifted, yet you cannot even see a spiritual conscious?”

Xing Yun only shook his head, “ I can only see through the heavens, not the supernatural. So that means I cannot see the spiritual conscious you are talking of. “

Hearing this, Chen Li scolded herself- Just because Xing Yun is mysterious, you shouldn’t overestimate and get him involved with the supernatural! She pondered for a moment before deciding to explain it to Xing Yun, “ Earlier when the women came to our house, I already suspected something and felt a strange atmosphere. However, the sun’s yang was to strong so I couldn’t see anything. That’s why I followed the old lady here and saw him, the soul of her dead husband. Having been killed roughly 10 years ago, he couldn’t peacefully reincarnate due to some kind of extreme obsession to this world. So the soul returned back to his hometown where he drifted around his wife ever since, guarding her until now.”

Chen Li looked at the spirit, who in reply, lowered his head and nodded gently in confirmation.

“You know that she has been searching for you everyday, right?” Chen Li asked the spirit who had a bitter look on his face as he stared at the lonely silhouette before softly nodding. Chen Li asked gently,

“Then do you want her to know? That you’ve always been near her all along?”

The saddened soul brightened up with pleasant surprise as he looked at Chen Li with an almost hungry look. He looked as if he was asking her, can you?

Chen Li nodded her head confidently. “Xing Yun can relay it to her. “

Xing Yun sighed- “Hahh… You really are a dumb chicken.” He continued, “You want me to perform a ritual, dances, and gestures to relay the language of a ghost?? Tell me, who would actually believe it?” However, he put Chen Li down as he grabbed some stones and arranged it into a pattern. “ Since I’m already dragged into this troublesome matter, then I might as well do my best. However, when this ends… Don’t say that you regret it. “

Chen Li only kept silent.

Xing Yun arranged the array of stones before using finger as a pen, began to write characters whom Chen Li could not have understood, unto the center. He then walked a few steps back and called the soul, “ Come float on top of this character. “

The man obeyed him and stepped onto the character. Instantly, the stones flashed with light, and one by one, they began to light up until it reached the center where he was standing. The light gradually concentrated in the middle, and with a little bang, stood the soul. He looked just the same as before, only this time, his body seemed much more solid and real. Xing Yun laughed slightly at Chen Li’s shocked expression and said, “ Cluck, cluck, cluck, Go knock the door and tell her that her husband is back. “

Chen Li chose to not ask him about what happened, and instead chose to happily knock on the door to the old woman’s home. She eagerly ran over and pecked the door with her sharp beak repeatedly. It did not take long for the old women to open the door with a frown on her face. “ Tonight is so noisy! I am not quite done patching up the close, please wai…..” Her voice just couldn’t work anymore. The old lady’s cloudy eyes brightened, shining like a bright moon, glistening like dewdrops in the courtyard.

She couldn’t move a step, only croaking softly… “ Salan…”

The other party in the relationship was also shocked, not daring to move. His eyes were fixed on her face, even his hands unable to move a finger. His hands suddenly clenched as he forced himself to open his mouth, yet no sound was able to come out. However, even so, she understood what he said. He called her, “Wife”, those words that she had not heard for 15 long years had suddenly flew out from the man she that she had loved.

Her eyes were long misted with tears, repeatedly calling out, “Salan, Salan… You came back… You came back!!” Her voice was trembling with happiness, her aged and wrinkled face showing a beautiful child like smile. She hastily rushed over to the array where he was and touched his face gently. Inside, they seemed to be like a photo, life seemed to be stagnated.

With trembling hands, she cradled his hair and face, words tumbling from her mouth. “Y-you came here to see me… I was not prepared, see I didn’t even get the chance to make you a meal… I waited for you to come back for so, so long…. So many years..” Her voice choked as she talked, “ I waited so long.. When I kept on believing, people thought I was crazy… Even I thought I was crazy… I almost… I almost couldn’t go on anymore! I had no idea if you were dead or alive, no traces, I was sewing clothes for you with no destination or places to send, written letters that no one could’ve readen since you were gone… You were always hiding!”

She couldn’t stop the tears from falling, and as they fell into the bright array, it seemed to counteract time. Her wrinkles smoothed out, washing away her age without a trace. She looked just like a young woman, the same when she sent him off. The both looked young and carefree, with no boundary of life and death separating them.

The man’s face was sad and couldn’t help but touched the woman’s face gently with his fingers, yet they slipped through. From the side, Xing Yun silently bit his fingertip, allowing 2 drops of blood to fall into the array. The array grew brighter as the man’s body gradually became even more solid. When the man felt her heat, he suddenly wrapped his arms against the woman’s bony body in a forceful bear-hug.

Chen Li stared at Xing Yun, stunned. “This array…” Just how could it be so powerful! To be even able to defy heaven and connect the living and the dead together!

Xing Yun only said lightly, “ This array cannot be maintained much longer. If you still wish to do what you want, you must hurry it up.”

Chen Li was once again stunned- This guy actually knew what she was planning to do all along!

She had speculated that this woman that was mingling with a ghost was the man’s obsession. However, she did not think that when she saw her husband once again, the feelings would be so strong…. After seeing each other after such a long time, it is inevitable that they both wouldn’t wish to leave each other once again.

At first, she wanted them to meet so he could ascend to heaven and complete the reincarnation cycle but now….

Seeing Chen Li deep in thought, Xing Yun chose to speak. “ Why not allow them to make their own decisions?” Chen Li was surprised and turned to look at him. Xing Yun continued, they are both ordinary people, yet they have lived this far despite being burdened by their feelings. We don’t know how much of an impact they’ll take, but having reached this point, they should at least be able to know everything so they may decide the choice themselves.

Chen Li didn’t reply- She wanted them to treasure and enjoy this time, even if only temporary.

Xing Yun just sighed and suddenly said loudly, “The path of the living and dead are separate, but they will end up at the same destination. You have already accompanied him for more than a dozen year, for most of his life time. You’ve lived on the earth for quite long, and it will not be long until you two reunite.”

The couple in question turned to look at Xing Yun, surprised. The women clenched the other’s hand tightly, “A decade together…”

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