Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 20.1

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3 crossbow bolts immediately shot out, each with a long iron chain trailing behind them. They flew in the air, landing squarely embedded in the Scorpion Tailed Fox’s back. The sharp, heavy arrow dug deep into its flesh, reaching its bones. If it were to charge, its bones would’ve been directly tugged out from within its body. The three adjacent powers all pulled, restraining the monster until it could no longer move.  An opening has been revealed, now, the only thing left is to cut off the head!

In the air, Chen Li still hadn’t had the chance to move before the Scorpion Tailed Fox sneered, “It’s been thousands of years, but these battle formations unexpectedly still haven’t changed.”

In her heart, Chen Li felt a bad premonition. The beast’s body shifted, planning to stake it all, but suddenly he hissed with pain. One of his bones were slowly pulled out, and as it did, his hiss slowly turned into an angry roar as his tail flicked from side to side. But one of the triangle formation’s 3 hooks were broken, no longer able to contain the fox. Now it was able to move around free, do as he likes. If he were to try and deal a killing blow now, the situation won’t be good.

By the time Chen Li regained her thoughts, it was too late. In a blink of an eye, his tail that was swinging side to side spat out poison, dripping over the battlefield. With her left hand, Chen Li pushed back the soldiers who were holding the chain out of harm’s way.  The soldiers knew that if they were to get hit by the poison, they inevitably would suffer a cruel death. However, they were still somewhat unwilling to let go of the iron chains that bound the beast. With her right hand, Chen Li stabbed the Hongying spear between the shackles binding the fox, the chain twisting around her spear. Using the spear like an anchor, she ruthlessly plunged it deep into the earth. Her actions were done with great speed, but before she could completely finish, the barb on the Scorpion Tailed Fox’s tail plunged towards her right before her eyes. But just before it was about to pierce through her, a figure charged in and pushed her to the side, saving her.

“Mo Fang?!” Chen Li stared at him in shock.

After fighting alone for several days, Mo Fang was utterly exhausted. His body held who knows how many wounds, but the only thing echoing in his mind was to save Chen Li, the only force driving him forward.  Hearing her voice, knowing she was safe, Mo Fang’s heart was content. Just knowing of Chen Li made him feel at ease, but suddenly, his back was filled with immeasurable pain. Turning his head to take a look, he suddenly understood why the normally calm Chen Li was so frantic. The Scorpion Tailed Fox had once again attacked down with his stinger, and pierced his back with the barbed stinger, almost penetrating through his shoulder blades.

Unexpectedly was………wounded……….. Not aware.

Seemingly lost all of his remaining energy,  Mo Fang’s eyes closed.

Chen Li felt her body turn cold. She remembered Ze Xia, his body cold and lifeless as he laid in the coffin. She looked around, turning her body. The sandy soil was covered by corpses, broken corpses of the army. These people, somewhere in the Demonic Realm, they had a home, with family eagerly awaiting their safe return. Just like that old woman in the human realm, waiting year by year, hope in their hearts. But now, they can no longer return home… …. Chen Li looked at the barb, once again regrowing into another sharp tip, pitch black eyes gradually turning red.

They all couldn’t go back, all because of this damned beast that escaped from the Space-Time Rip! This sin, it must be paid with 1000 deaths!

Chen Li gently pushed Mo Fang’s body, “Withdraw.” The word fell out from her mouth. The sound wasn’t loud, but like waves of water, spread through around the wicked beast and reached Shang Bei who didn’t hesitate in the slightest and immediately called, “Withdraw!”

The soldiers all rushed to follow the orders. Seeing this, the beast started to laugh, “We’ve all submitted to that useless Emperor, that Emperor who was no more than a puppet of Heaven’s. It’s been 1000 years, but he’s only gotten more foolish. It’ll be best for him to digest in my stomach!”

“You have disrespected my Emperor and slaughtered my soldiers.” Her cold voice suddenly echoed in its ear, “You, have angered me.”

The Scorpion Tailed Fox’s head reared, it’s poisonous saliva flying into the air. Chen Li made a grabbing motion with her hand, and the spear that was binding the chains moved. It flew in an arc, landing in Chen Li’s hands, who spun it around to block all the spit. She brandished it, golden light flaring from the spear.

Shang Bei was stunned, hurriedly shouting, “King! Stay calm! That demonic beast can absorb your magic power for his own use!”

Chen Li sneered, “Good, ah.”  Her figure flashed, reappearing suddenly on the Scorpion Tailed Fox’s back, her Hongying spear stabbing downwards into the already made wound of the crossbow bolts. “Try to absorb this!” Harsh, barbarian like power surged through the speartip, golden light piercing it’s body through the abdomen all the way down to the soil underneath, causing the Scorpion Tailed Fox to roar madly in pain. Chen Li could hear the Hongying spear drink, unexpectedly even wanting to drain it dry!

But while the golden light surged in, Chen Li’s magical powers grew weaker and weaker, until it was completely consumed. In return, the beast’s muscles swelled, healing at an unbelievable pace. Standing on it’s back, Chen Li had a very clear view as everything happened. It was so fast, that Chen Li’s spear was almost stuck inside the flesh.

“Hahahaha!” The Scorpion Tailed Fox laughed, “A child still stinking of breast milk dares to try and attack me!” It’s jaws opened wide as its head turned back, red eyes looking at Chen Li. At the same time, the scorpion tail barb waved in front of her. Chen Li was forced back a few steps, but suddenly, the area above her head became dark as the stench of rotting flesh snuck into her nostrils. She could only see the Scorpion Tailed Fox’s bloody teeth, venomous saliva swimming inside his mouth. Suddenly, the world turned black.

“King!!” Shang Bei exclaimed. The soldier’s hearts almost stopped beating.

Azure Sky King……. The invincible Azure Sky King had just got eaten………

The body of the Scorpion Tailed Fox grew larger as it let out an extremely carefree and happy cry. It was loud and long, scaring the soldiers immensely, “Ha ha ha! When I free my fellow brothers, we will surely restore the Demonic Realm glory! Ha ha ha!”

Suddenly, it’s voice screeched to a stop. It’s body shook violently as if some sudden pain appeared inside his body. Soon, it’s shaking grew more and more berserk. Watching it’s body tremor with such force, all the soldiers stared, shocked and confused.

Shang Bei’s gaze fell onto the throat of the Scorpion Tailed Fox and saw the skin suddenly swell dramatically as it’s toes curling tightly in pain, it’s tail waving madly. At this moment, the Hongying spear that was still stuck in it’s back suddenly disappeared, and it’s throat suddenly glowed with a burst of golden light. Everybody watched, golden light tearing through the flesh as it glowed frightfully.

The Scorpion Tailed Fox’s mouth opened, yet was unable to produce even a single sound, apparently due to the ferocious battle against the golden light. Finally, the Hongying spear pierced through the neck area. Golden light gathered suddenly, and one could only hear a loud “BOOM”, before the giant head was cut off from the inside, tumbling to the ground. But what also came out was a woman, clothes bathed in blood.

Her body was coated with blood and unknown liquids, the hairband tying her hair, broken, her long hair down and loose. The killing intent around her still didn’t disperse.

Her sharp footsteps echoed as she approached the Scorpion Tailed Fox’s head slowly, contempt in her eyes. Within the miasma, that pair of bloody red eyes stared in terror.

“No………… N-No, this is impossible………” The Scorpion Tailed Fox’s mouth still moved.

“No one told you?” Chen Li’s foot stepped on its nose, “You cannot just eat things randomly.”

The Hongying spear pierced into the middle of its forehead. It’s eyes rolled white, before dying, his mouth still twitched, “Obviously…………. Just…….. A small girl…..” Before he left the world, he stared into Chen Li’s eyes, that were still glowing with a red light, suddenly shocked like he just became aware of something, “Formerly………….”

Unexpectedly, it was like this….

His eyes closed. Chen Li withdrew the spear and pointed it up at the sky, “The wicked beast has been executed!”

For a moment, the world was quiet, followed by the outbreak of a loud cry, “Azure Sky King! Azure Sky King!”

But no matter how loud the men cheered, Chen Li couldn’t hear any of them. In her eyes, the world was blurry. She only subconsciously turned around, wanting to go to the other side. But by the cheering soldiers, there was also a white figure within the heavy mist, quietly staring at her.

Xing Yun……..

She took a single, difficult step towards in that direction, not even noticing when she let the Hongying spear fall to the floor. Each step she took, a bloody trail followed. Everyone saw her hand was broken, cheeks burned by the venom. It was silent, as everybody watched her slowly walk in that direction, that one which Chen Li walked as they all silently paved the road clear for her. Chen Li wasn’t aware of anything else but the road she walked. The crimson glow slowly faded from her eyes. Besides that figure in white, she couldn’t see anything else.

In this battlefield she has turned into an empty fairyland, only he is what can lead her out.

Xing Yun……..

Chen Li struggled to lift her hand, fingertips touching warm skin. She brought a bloody fingertip, wiping a red streak through his fair, clear face. She seemed to hear sounds coming from the outside, somebody smiling gently and say to her, “Chen Li, time to eat.”

En. She wanted to eat the food he makes.

She missed him.

Her fingers slid down, her body falling into a warm embrace. Although there wasn’t the smell of herbs, it was equally warm.

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