Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 15.1

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-Red Tasseled Silver Longspear has been changed to Hongying Spear

The malevolent aura leaked from the spear, causing fear to naturally well up in the land spirits. Their faces all ashened,  and Hulu fell onto the floor, his legs too soft to stand.

Chen Li turned her gaze to the sky, “Starting now.”

The white bearded aged man hurried forward, angrily pinching Hulu’s antlers, “Still haven’t gone yet? Hurry and go!” Mulu quickly regained his composure, a deep hole appearing in the ground as he sped to the capital, escaping. Shrinking back, all the other land spirits gradually merged into a single group,  watching her warily. Chen Li didn’t care and just ignored them, knitting her eyes as she stared into the sky. The clouds in the general direction of the capital slowly darkened.

If she was correct, and the pursuers from the Demonic Realm were harnessing the power of the clouds….. So many pursuers had come?! The Demon Emperor really is hell bent on bringing her back.

Chen Li clenched her fists, she despised Fu Rong, despised the Heavenly Emperor for granting this method, despised the idea of using a marriage between the Heavenly Realm and Demonic Realm. Did they really think a marriage  would be able to bind the 2 realms together? What a joke!

If Heaven could allow the people of the Demonic Realm to live in the same area as the heavenly immortals peacefully, then how would they still use methods like marriage to solidify their so called “friendship”……..

As Chen Li was pondering, dark clouds were already forming above the Capital City. Her brows furrowed, fearful of her pursuers harming Xing Yun. But after thinking it over, she felt that she was far too overly worried. She was rarely by Xing Yun’s side, so how many people would have known about their relationship? She had just used her magical powers here to summon the land spirits, so surely her pursuers would have detected it. It shouldn’t be long until they depart from there to here, so Chen Li no longer needed to worry.

Hulu from her point of view was just a honest little spirit, so she didn’t need to worry about any hidden plots going on.

She should completely wash her hands of Xing Yun and continue to escape her own marriage.

Watching the flow of time, Chen Li started to feel something was a little bit off. Her pursuers that were hiding in the darkened clouds had come to a halt where Xing Yun was, in the Capital City. They still haven’t came to her location, but there was no way they couldn’t perceive her power. So why…..

As Chen Li pondered over this dilemma, the ground suddenly shook. An honest, pure looking face with antlers above his head emerged. His clothes were ripped and ragged, his face in tears as mucus fell to the ground. He turned his head to face Chen Li, sobbing as he cupped one fist and fell onto his knees to bow, “Don’t kill me, please don’t kill everybody here! It’s not that I didn’t try and go save him, I went all out! However, I was blocked! Those black robed men really were quite vicious! Boo hoo, they had even beaten me.”

When Chen Li heard this, her face changed. “Talk clearly!”

Hulu on the ground wiped his tears, but he still sobbed, “I went….. Had found a person called Xing Yun. He was kind. He knew I was forced to save him, but he still laughed and smiled at me, telling me thank you. I genuinely wanted to save him then. b-But suddenly, men in black armor came. Originally, nothing was wrong, but then a red coated man came up to me and asked me a question: Why did I go inside the city to save people? I honestly answered, in the end….. They wouldn’t let me save him, wuuuu, they even beat me, boo hoo…… They told me to pass on the message, you go back with them or he dies……”

Chen Li clenched her teeth- If her guess was correct, then the pursuers sent by the Demon Emperor, a black robed man with a red robed man, who else could they be but the Demon Emperor’s right and left hands, Qing Yan and Chi Rong? He’s even taken out the trump cards, it seems that this time, the Demon Emperor is truly angry.

Chen Li felt very hesitant. Against those 2 men, even if it was her, it wasn’t certain that she could escape unscathed. Not to mention the fact that she wasn’t even fully healed, but Xing Yun….

“That guy, how is Xing Yun?”

Hulu wiped his nose, “Dying, ah. I checked his pulse, his body has always been weak, and had fallen into disorder. He must have been exhausted for the past few days to achieve this kind of result. The resentful demon spirit’s toxin had already started invading the viscera of the body. If he is not saved, he will soon die.”

TL note: Viscera is the internal organs in the main cavities of the body

Chen Li looked at the distant capital. Her arm extended, the Hongying Spear flying back into her hands, which tightly gripped around the shaft. Chen Li moved, the figure disappearing into the sky with a blast. After her leave, the land spirits gathered together to discuss in murmurs.

“Where could that fellow have come from? The malevolent aura is so strong!”

“Looks like she’s one of the Demonic Realm people! Overbearing, harsh, unreasonable….  Hulu, you haven’t suffered an injury, have you?”

“Huh, oh, yeah, no worries.” Hulu continued to wipe off his tears, suddenly, someone behind him pointed at his elbow, “Ah, What is this?!”

“What?” Hulu struggled to twist around so he could see, but his body held too much muscle, just perfectly locating it at a blind spot in the corner of his elbow where he couldn’t see.  Other land spirits started gathering, a strange look on their faces, “Leave? What person wrote the character leave, here in blood?”

Hulu awkwardly scratched his head, “Ah……….. It was that person, Xing Yun. He wanted that woman to leave, but she probably didn’t see it.”


In the Rui Palace

Xing Yun calmly sat on the bed, making the red robed man Chi Rong, curious about him. His face bore no anger, but was instead smiling as he looked at him, “Do you not worry about your own situation? Judging from your appearance, you will soon die.”

“Worry, can I live a long life if I have it?” Xing Yun laughed, “If so, then I’ll worry.”

Hearing this, the Chi Rong laughed loudly, “He is worthy of having touched the Azure Sky King’s fancy ah, he really has meaning.” He turned his head to beckon the man by the entrance, “Oh yeah, Chi Rong, you should also come to chat with him. Chen girl has fallen for a man, really rare, ah!

The man by the entrance was indifferent, turning his head to Chi Rong. “If so, then if you molest him again, then beware of revenge in the future.”

“Ah, that’s true.” Chi Rong’s finger that was about to stroke Xing Yun’s nose was immediately pulled back as he standed obediently off to the side. “I really don’t want to provoke such a troublesome fellow.”

Xing Yun was silent, just staring at Chi Rong with a faint smile.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. Qing Yan’s hair blew in the wind, his face turning solemn as he turned his gaze onto the sky. Chi Rong’s eyes held a streak of gold in it as he yelled loudly, “The Demon Emperor has ordered, if Azure Sky King, Chen Li refuses to return to the palace, her hands and feet will be chopped off, bones disintegrated, and tied for marriage…………. I have always been soft-hearted and cannot bear to hurt my own friend, therefore I will be forced to kill this man…….”

Chi Rong had hardly finished speaking, when the roof made  a clear sound of damage, echoing in the room. The Hongying Spear dug into the ground right next to Chi Rong’s feet, the malevolent aura forcing him a step back. The sound was followed by a louder boom. Tiles fell as a woman fell from the sky, hair bound with a dark cloth. Against the unarmed Chi Rong, 2 strokes of a spear forced him to retreat next to Qing Yan by the door. Then with a flash, she stood by Xing Yun’s bed, spear in hand. Her eyes flashed dangerously.

“The King is here. Who dares to be presumptuous.”

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