Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 12.2

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“Mo Fang!” She shouted towards the sky, a black ball of magical qi suddenly falling near her. Chen Li rushed to it, the thick, black qi dispersing to reveal Mo Fang, dressed in thin, black robes. He fell onto one knee, bowing his hand respectfully into a salute.


Ever since Mo Fang had devised a method for her to escape to marriage, Chen Li had always felt grateful to him in her heart, even though she had been forced through inhumane treatments afterwards……. However, Mo Fang’s loyalty wasn’t weak willed. She patted his back and helped him up, but Mo Fang refused. Rather, he bent his other knee and sank into a deep kowtow. “The other day had injured the King. Mo Fang had committed a crime worth a thousand deaths.”

Chen Li grew angry, “Get up! I hate those who bow as the first thing they do!”

Xing Yun had backed up a step and was just quietly sizing up the newly arrived man kneeling on the ground. Chen Li realised that although Mo Fang was still kneeling, he was very guarded against Xing Yun. Turning to Mo Fang, she said,  “Anyways, he is my subordinate.” Chen Li pondered, what to say. For Mo Fang to come and find her, a big event must have surely happened up in heaven. However, if she can’t tell Mo Fang everything- A mortal knowing of all the little demon spirits and such strong knowledge of arrays is not something that is right. His body as a mortal, yet knowing so much bears a great burden for him. If it is known that Xing Yun understands some of the Truths of heaven, then who knows which near day lightning will strike down and kill him.

Chen Li looked around, the bloody demon spirits were left helpless by the sun, lying on the ground, unable to move. But just in case, Chen Li gave Xing Yun the red tasseled silver long spear in her hands. “Take it and go somewhere else for now. He and I have some matters to discuss. My spear contains my spirtual aura, so no bloody baby spirits should try and attack you.”


Before Xing Yun could reply, the silver longspear was already in his arms. Glancing at the floor, he could see that the demon spirits were left helpless and couldn’t move due to the sun. Xing Yun was about to deny, but suddenly Mo Fang had lifted his head and his stare pierced into Xing Yun’s. His expression was vivid, as if almost yelling, “You dare to take the King’s spear! Damn!” Xing Yun was silent for a moment before clutching the silver spear tightly to his bosom, and leisurely walked to the outside. He didn’t forget to give Mo Fang a smug smile before he left.

Mo Fang clenched his fist, but Chen Li actually smiled and helped him up. She patted his shoulder, “Young fellow, I really must thank you for injuring me that time. Otherwise, there would’ve been no way for me to escape!” Mo Fang was a whole head higher than Chen Li, so she had to look up to see his face. A glimpse of a scar was at Mo Fang’s neck, the result of his sacrifice to the red tasseled longspear. Her silver longspear contained demonic aura, preventing the scar from healing. No matter how good Mo Fang’s healing abilities were, it could never get rid of it.

Chen Li sighed. “Later, when this foolish marriage has been abolished, I will go in front of the Demon Emperor myself and make sure that you receive compensation.”

Mo Fang lowers his head. “Your subordinate doesn’t dare.” He stopped his formal speech this time and went straight to the point. “Had King used her magical powers last night? Those up in heaven had felt the waves of power, I’m afraid that if you don’t flee quickly now, it will be difficult to later.”

This, Chen Li had already known. However, there is still the current situation, if the little lotus miss kills the prince, then there is no one else whose powers rival the Crown Prince’s. Then, who can shield Xing Yun?

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  1. Mpressparadox says:

    Hahaha, Xing Yun really couldn’t pass up the chance to piss people off. XD

    On the other hand… Chen li, your charm knows no bounds 😛 How dare those people set the King up for marriage!

  2. midori says:

    thanks a lot!
    ahaha, xing yun is very interested in sho thisnewly-arrived person is—! aw, chen li is so protective and concerned about xing yun!

    lolol, mo fang becoming angry over xing yun being given the spear, and xing yun’s smug smile, pfft!

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