Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 12.1

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Chen Li frowned, “If you were just waiting for her, than why would you house a demon spirit? Now, it even holds so much resentment towards you, how come?”

Prince Rui kept silent for a while before finally speaking hoarsely, “When I brought her back here, the only thing I could think of was her dead body. It gave me indescribable sorrow, because I know, I know that Ye Shi, such a woman, couldn’t have died so easily. I studied the path of immortals and finally found 2 ways to awaken her……”

Before he could even finish, Chen Li already knew of the 2 ways he had found. To either continue to extend her life with a Fate Changing array, and to raise a complete demon spirit to feed to her. One life for another life.

Chen Li sneered, ruthlessly exposing him. “You did not protect your wife properly, and had let her die for your sake 3 years ago. Now, you can’t accept the reality, and delusionally wishes for her to live again. Therefore, you sought for an immoral method and went against the flow of heaven to raise a demon spirit hand by hand, only to trade hers for your wife’s. Really such a cheap guy, huh?”

The prince kept silent. “That is what I’ll do, if it wakes Ye Shi up.”

Chen Li’s eyes narrowed, if it wasn’t for the fact that Xing Yun would have nowhere else to go, then she really would’ve preferred to just go, leaving this selfish prince to just deal with it all himself. “Now why did the young lotus miss turn out to be like this?”

Prince Rui shook his head, “I come here every night to visit my wife, but somehow, Small Lotus had actually broken in here for some reason. She didn’t understand these matters, so her heart gave birth to resentment.

Of course she’ll resent you! Chen Li spoke, “A demon spirits temper is very stubborn. She regards you as someone very dear to her, but you would actually kill her for another life…. If she didn’t hate you, then something would’ve been wrong with her brain! Not to mention…” Chen Li turned her gaze to the woman on the bed. She felt that no more words were needed. The little lotus miss had always loved Prince Rui, but it turned out that all along, the only one the Prince cared for was his princess.

Just then, the ground shook once more. Chen Li still did not know how well the outer pavilions were faring. Chen Li pondered before speaking to Prince Rui. “I don’t care about what happens before, but right now, we are in this mess because of you. Since you can’t make up your mind, I’ll just do this how I want to. When I find the lotus miss, if I cannot get rid of her power, I will kill her.”

Prince Rui’s expression was cold as he observed Chen Li, listen to her clear voice. “Keep in mind, that if the young lotus miss dies, and people connect it with your dead wife, that it was I, Chen Li, who killed her and no one else was involved.”

Xing Yun suddenly turned to observe Chen Li, their eyes meeting. Chen Li quickly turned her head, her vision leaving Xing Yun.

Chen Li involuntarily grabbed Xing Yun’s wrist and spoke, “Right now the tunnel is blocked. The baby blood demon spirits cannot come in, but air is limited and can’t sustain us for long. Around this time outside, it should be a mass of panic. I can bring Xing Yun and myself to go back in the throne room to avoid the baby demon spirits. Let the common people leave the palace, then we can search for the young lotus miss.”

Xing Yun didn’t know what to say, and just nodded and agreed.

Where, in this moment, Chen Li was still mindful of Xing Yun, her mouth constantly muttering incantations as their landscape changed. The horizon had already become translucent and the sun was about to rise, bringing light and weakening the bloody demon spirits severely. But even so, the Rui Palace was in a disastrous state from the raging last night. The bodies of the slaves, maidservants, and guards, were all crumpled up under the baby demon spirits, clothes and flesh burned off by the acidic tears. A very gruesome and nauseous sight.

But even if Chen Li saw a corpse that looked disturbingly similar to a butchered pig, she would just summon her silver longspear and brandish it. Sending out waves of killing intent, she simply swept it out of her way as she spoke to Xing Yun. “Take advantage of the sun to deal with the little bloody demon spirits with your array. If they are contained first, the people of Rui Palace can escape safely.”

Xing Yun froze up for a moment before forcing out a bitter smile. “Do you really think arrays are so easy to make? I don’t even know Rui Palace’s layout, how could I make one?”

Chen Li felt surprised for a moment. “If that’s the case, then why didn’t you say so in the cavern? If deal with the young lotus miss right now, you would have no use.”

Xing Yun coughed twice, “I didn’t hear you say anything earlier.”

You didn’t hear at all, what’s wrong with your head, ah! Chen Li struggled to suppress her anger, in such a busy time, he added more chaos. If this was in her military barracks, then she would’ve had people to pull and whip this stupid soldier.

She had originally planned to have just dropped Xing Yun off at the Rui Palace then go her separate ways, but in the end, how long has this “simple” situation been?!? She only stays here for a moment, yet so much danger has occurred! If her pursuers come and add to the mix as well, this situation would not be solved with a few mere houses collapsing.

As Chen Li continued to think about how to end this situation, the tip of her nose caught a whiff of more magical qi, a familiar one causing her heart to tighten. She looked towards the horizon, but the smell as closer now. However, she was relieved. It was only one person, and what’s more, is that she is very familiar with this pers–

“Mo Fang!”

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