Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 12

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Chen Li looked up at the southeast corner. However, instead of seeing a house, the only thing that was visible was a crowd of glowing red spirits. The residence was covered, as if the bloody baby demon spirits were trying to bite a hole though. Chen Li’s heart shook, and she turned to look at Xing Yun. Originally, she was going to let him just wait here, but the immature demons were already crawling their way towards them. Finally, she just gnashed her teeth and took his hand in a tight grip. “No matter what, don’t wander more than 3 steps from me.”


Xing Yun just smiled. “With such a grip, how could I?”


His world suddenly went dark. When he opened his eyes again, he was in a blood soaked room. But despite it’s current appearance, if one looked closely, they could see that it used to be a grand and beautiful area. The blood within the room dripped from the demon spirit’s tears, toxic and extremely harmful. In a short moment of carelessness, a drop fell onto him and pain racked his body. It was so intense that it reached and engraved itself within his heart. Xing Yun’s hand was smoldering, smoke blowing up from it. All that remained was a round, but deep hole in his hand.


However, Xing Yun did not let out a sound, leaving Chen Li oblivious as she continued to scout around. Finally, Chen Li managed to find a secret door behind the bookcase. It was open, leading out into a dark room. Chen Li brought her other hand up and unfurled it, revealing a bright flame in the hollow of her palm as she walked ahead, pulling along Xing Yun. Every step she took was careful.




A scream! Within the narrow passageway, the cry was even more piercing, making Chen Li’s heart feel ever tighter. If Prince Rui died then….


Using the fire blazing in her palm to lead the way, Chen Li and Xing Yun finally reached the exit of the escape tunnel, leading into a spacious room. A candle light flickered behind the screen. The two had yet to have even enter, but they could already hear the small lotus miss’s mournful crying. “Zhu Chengjin! Neither you or her can live any further!! You all must die!”


Rushing into the room, Chen Li kicked the screen that was blocking their sight out of the way. The young lotus missus’s long black hair was disordered and messy, young demon spirits floating around her. Prince Rui’s hand was grasping a 3 foot long cyan colored sword as he defended a bed, lips bloody. This bed, he was willing to risk his life to protect, laid a women. Her face was pale as she lied still, eyes closed as if she had slept for many years.

Chapter 12

When Chen Li and Xing Yun suddenly broke into the room, the young lotus missus was suprised, her blood red eyes staring at the two. Her lips moved. “Those who obstruct me, die!” Her magical qi reappeared and converged into the shape of a knife. With the young missus’s shout, it split through the air, aiming to kill Chen Li and Xing Yun.


Chen Li moved to block in front of Xing Yun, her hand waved out. It was as if the magical qi had hit an invisible barrier that it could not pierce through as it diffused back into the air. However, her resentment was still very strong and converged into a mist and trapped Chen Li. The hatred was so strong that Chen Li frowned. “ Rather than how you are now, I really do love your happy, innocent blushing manner much more. If you don’t calm down and change back to normal now, I will no longer give you the chance.” As soon as she finished her words, a red tasseled, silver long spear suddenly materialized in the palm of her hand. Waving, it reappeared in her grasp as she charged at the young miss, striking at the heart. Before she could finish her action, a hoarse voice suddenly interrupted her. Prince Rui. “Do not hurt her.”


His voice was extremely rough, but his intention was clear. If there was indeed no hatred, even in such a state, then Chen Li was completely convinced that Rui Wang must have really loved the young lotus miss- Even in such a dire situation, he could still not bear to hurt her one bit.


“Do not hurt me?” When the young lotus miss heard this, the laugh that came out of her throat was similar to crying. “Zhu Chengjin…… Zhu Chengjin! Are you merciful or cruel?” Her voice was raised, her whole body radiating even more hostility. “In that case, all of you can die together!”

The ground trembled. It roared out a loud boom as rock collapsed,blocking off the exit to the outside. Chen Li’s heart sunk- Outside, there were thousands upon hundreds of incomplete demon spirits, all surrounding the house that can destroy everybody outside. Over here, they would’ve normally been safe. However, this is a narrow channel, if the exit is sealed, it is tantamount to burying all the people here alive. Not a small amount, when all the air here is exhausted, everybody here would have suffocated to death!


“Always guarding her, now you can die together.” The young missus’s figure gradually became faint, “And I, will destroy your whole Rui Palace.” Chen Li’s body flashed, stepping forward to seize her. Outside, the demon spirits are affected by the young lotus miss. If this time we can kill her, all the other ones outside would lose their hostility. However, this time Chen Li had forgotten that she was still clutching onto Xing Yun’s hand, who was tying her down. Before she could let go and chase her, the young missus had already dissipated.


Chen Li gnashed her teeth and angrily threw off Xing Yun’s hand before turning to glare at him. Xing Yun had an innocent look on his face as she glared at him, waiting for him to speak. Finally, Xing Yun sighed, “You’re stronger, with such a tight grip, how could I break free of your grasp?”

Chen Li choked and forced her feelings down, turning to stare at Prince Rui. His expression was very sullen, and his complexion was pale. Chen Li did not bother to ask him why and just got straight to the point, “I’ll send you two out first, and then you two return back with the guards to carry this girl out.”


“Out of question.”




The two men both open their mouths and denied Chen Li’s order. Prince Rui turned to look at Xing Yun inquiringly, a somber look on his face. Finally, Xing Yun sighed. ”I can make a soul condensing array here.” He turned to look at the woman on the bed. “If we leave her now, she may not survive.”

Hearing this remark, Chen Li glared angrily at Prince Rui, “Speak! What’s wrong with her?”


At this time, Prince Rui had long collapsed by the bedside and had no energy to rebuke Chen Li for her “disrespectful” attitude. He kept silent and only looked at the woman on the bed before his hoarse voice rang out,
“This is my wife, the Rui Princess. Three years ago, we were out on a walk when we got attacked by an assassination squad. My face had gotten damaged, but she had protected me, all the knives entering her body. She saved me from the assassination, but she had fallen off of a cliff. I found her body at the bottom of the cliff, so I brought her back and kept her here, waiting for the day she opens her eyes again.”

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