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Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 7

Chapter 7, sponsored by Darine! A round of applause for him!  I’m not sure if I should feel pity or anger at Xing Yun…

I’m going to start making a quota for weekly chapters, that way I can’t use regular chapters as sponsored chapters when I’m lazy. So normally, you will get a max of 5 parts a week (1-2 chapters a week). That way I get organized free time, and you don’t get wasted money. This will start on Friday and reset every Friday.

Sorry, this part is kinda short, A longer one will be out on Thursday! Or maybe Wednesday.


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2 Responses to Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 7

  1. darine says:

    ^_^ thanks for the chapter

    btw I’m girl lol


  2. Kittykiki says:

    Wha?? So sorry D.D…. Didn’t know.

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