Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 7

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The red collared guard’s pupils shrank, not moving a muscle. His mind felt as if it was spinning for a moment before a sharp pain pounded on his head. Taking advantage of his blindness, Chen Li grabbed him and the other 2 guards before throwing them against the courtyard door!

Chen Li stood in front of the heap of men, a look of contempt on her face. “ Even if you were the descendants or even the king himself, I would still not let you off with hurting my people!”

The door shut, leaving the three men only able to groan with pain as they supported each other up. They all stared at each other in silence, not sure of what to do. From inside the courtyard,  3 stones suddenly dropped on them painfully. As fast as an arrow, the 3 guardsmen ran, not daring to even stay a second longer. Unexpectedly though, one of the guardsmen stopped and cautiously stared at the home before taking out a card.


After a moment of silence, Xing Yun looked calmly at Chen Li.

“Say, when did I become one of your people?” A faint smile was on the edge of Xing Yun’s lips as he clutched his stomach painfully.

Chen Li did not answer, only staring coldly at him before pointing to the stone that he had kicked when he was being dragged out. “What is that?”

“ A stone.”

“Do you want a beating?”

“Uh, well it’s actually the centerpiece of an array stone…”

“Why put an array stone here?”

“In order to suppress magical powers.”

“Why would you need to suppress magical powers?”

Xing Yun looked at her, hesitating before finally letting out a sigh and admitting, “ This is the array I have put up a few nights ago, since otherwise you would be running around here and there with power to do your own activities like before; That would not be good, nor would it be convenient to play wi-…… Naturally, it’s to defend you and me from beings that are far too powerful and give us a place to relax. That after all is most important, to create a peaceful place for us to live. Not to mention a man and woman sharing a room is not proper.”

“In other words… A few nights ago, I would’ve once again been able to return to a human form…” Ah yes, on that day, he was sending off that commoner girl. Chen Li’s eyes were frosty as she retorted,  “Ah, but that day when I went out, if I could’ve returned to my human form, I wouldn’t have been scrambling around and almost made into chicken stew!”

Ah… She should’ve phrased it less embarrassingly…

“Ah about such a matter,” Xing Yun shook his head, letting out a helpless sigh. “ I didn’t expect for you to see through the secret nor escape, really sorry. “

Helpless…. Sad…?!? He actually had the nerve to even feel sorry for himself! Please, she should be the pitiful one here!

This guy, in the end, actually could’ve just moved the stone all along,… Ai, how much of her dignity  had she lost already!! No… This guy, he must see her as a joke, enjoy seeing her struggle in vain!

Chen Li felt her killing intent surge, enough to scare someone into a seizure. “ If I do not kill you, I am afraid my heart will never have enough blood out of anger!” Her teeth clenched as she stressed out each syllable to Xing Yun. However, when she looked at him, she was shocked to find him clutching his stomach as he kneeled on the floor in front of Chen Li who glared at him. “ Don’t even! Hmth, it’s too late to apologize!”

“No, just…. Cough, cough…..” Before he could finish, his whole body slumped forward lifelessly and fainted.

Chen Li felt shocked as she watched him, hurriedly catching him. She felt slightly panicked as she placed her fingers in front of his nose, feeling for breath. Only now did she remember that Xing Yun was in the end, a frail and weak mortal. After being beaten by the guard so heavily… How could he bear with it? Chen Li’s furious temper felt like it just had a pot of cold water poured on it. When she received little response, she chose to  kneel down and check his pulse instead. Fingers on the neck, she felt it.

Weak. Slow. Almost to the point where it was on the verge of death.  

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