ENL – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – Maniacal Accusations (1)

The voice that had abruptly appeared stunned everybody present. When everybody quickly looked in its direction, they saw Ji Fengyan who had already arrived at the entrance at an unknown time.

Zhou Ji had originally thought that this strike of his would’ve been able to defeat Ling He, but the heavy sword in his hands felt as if it had wedged itself into a ridiculously hard and large stone. When he took a look at the busybody who had interfered halfway, Zhou Ji was completely dumbfounded.

What stood in front of Ling He and blocked Zhou Ji’s sword was a majestic, handsome, and elegant man. He wore an unusual, but imperious scaled armour and what blocked Zhou Ji’s heavy sword was a strange weapon that he had never seen before. However, what shocked him the most was that this man’s forehead had a startling vertical pupil on it. On that handsome and composed face, there wasn’t the slightest bit of emotion present as those pair of cold eyes caused a surge of astonishment in Zhou Ji’s heart.

Unconsciously, Zhou Ji took a step back with lingering fear as he watched that three-eyed man, but looking closer look made him feel even a bit more stunned. The skin on that man’s face was covered with a bizarre wood grain pattern. If it wasn’t for the fact that this person blocked his attacked, then Zhou Ji really would have thought that what stood in front of him was actually a wooden statue.

“My lady?” Ling He looked at Ji Fengyan in astonishment.

Her smiling gaze landed on his body. “Big Brother He, there’s no need for you to act when dealing with trash like this, so it’s perfect that Yang Jian’s Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance has just been completed. Didn’t this trash say that he wanted to use your blood to feed his heavy sword? Then isn’t that just a coincidence; this Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance also still hasn’t been weaned yet, therefore… It’s a perfect time for it to see blood today.”

As Ji Fengyan finished speaking, her half-narrowed eyes looked towards the dazed Zhou Ji standing in front of her.

Yang Jian had already moved to stand besides her like a towering celestial god, having the air of one being able to match thousands.

“Ji Fengyan, you really are too arrogant!” Lei Xu suddenly interrupted from off to the side.

Lifting up her eyes to look at Lei Xu who was sitting on his steed, Ji Fengyan’s raised her brows slightly and lifted up her chin. “Sir Lei, you’re not at home taking care of that son of yours whose butt has been spanked until it burst? In the end what did you come running over here for?”

Once those words of hers came out, the commoners hiding in the corner to watch the fun all had a delicate change in expression.

Lei Xu only had Lei Min as his only son, then this person who’s butt had been spanked until it burst open… Wasn’t it Lei Min?

Who had such great ability? To even dare beat the Young City Lord?

Lei Xu’s face was covered in a gloomy fog as he coldly looked at Ji Fengyan, the depths of his eyes flashing with hate. Taking a silent deep breath, he curled his mouth. “Ji Fengyan, you don’t need to use words to agitate me. You should be very clear about the reason why I’m here.”

“Sorry, I’m actually not.” She shrugged, not even giving Lei Xu a little bit of face.

Did this guy really think that she was a soft little shrimp?

Lei Xu clenched his teeth, but he quickly returned back to normal. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and a thin, ragged, and vulgar middle-aged man moved out from between the soldiers and walked over to Lei Xu before respectfully saluting.

“Ji Fengyan, do you still recognize him?” Lei Xu asked while pointing at that vulgar middle-aged man.

She smiled lightly. “Never seen him before.”

“Never seen him before?” Lei Xu sneered. Slightly raising his chin, he looked condescendingly at Ji Fengyan as he spoke in a cold voice. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember him, but don’t think that today’s situation can just be so easily fobbed off by you.”

Her expression didn’t change at all as she watched Lei Xu, wanting to see what trouble he wanted to cause this time.

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