ENL – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Maniacal Accusations (2)

“Ji Fengyan, because you’re my son Lei Min’s fiancee, Min’er couldn’t just watch you suffer in pain in your clan and thus ordered someone to bring you over to Ji City. But who would’ve thought that you would actually be so unchaste at such a young age. Not only did you not thank Min’er for his thoughtfulness when you arrived in Ji City, you even had an affair with another man! After somebody else saw the filthy act between the two of you, you actually tried to kill him to shut him up! How could there be such a shameless woman like you in this world?!” Lei Xu questioned in an ear-piercing voice, splashing an entire bucket of dirty water on her head.

After he spoke those words, the surrounding commoners instantly went into an uproar.

Ji Fengyan really did arrive in Ji City not long ago, and because that wager with Su Lingsheng before in the stone gambling establishment had also been spread out in the city, anybody who had been on the scene that day could tell that Ji Fengyan and the Young City Lord Lei Min obviously recognized each other.


Nobody would’ve thought that this unremarkable little girl would actually be Lei Min’s fiancée, and what was even more unthinkable was that she would actually be so unchaste and ruthless at such a young age!

In an instant, everybody in the crowd began discussing, the gazes that the commoners used to look at Ji Fengyan was full of scorn and amusement.

“This girl really doesn’t know how to be content. Just based on her appearance and she actually still wants to cling to the Young City Lord? Even going as far as seducing other people in dissatisfaction…”

“Who would have thought? The public behaviour of the younger generation really is getting worse.”

“Truly a slut, no wonder City Lord Lei Xu is making such a fuss.”

Caustic remarks resounded throughout the crowd while Lei Xu looked on with satisfaction at the results.

Nobody doubted Lei Xu’s words. After all, he was the noble city lord while Ji Fengyan was but an unknown girl in other people’s eyes. Who would’ve thought that their City Lord was deliberately slandering a little kid?

Ling He’s face darkened. He simply couldn’t believe that Lei Xu would actually use such a malicious method to besmirch Ji Fengyan!

“Lei Xu, clean your mouth! Our young lady’s actions are right and proper, so stop trying to slander her!” Ling He roared, his whole body trembling with anger.

Sitting on his horse with a face full of scorn, Lei Xu sneered. “Slandering her? Why would I slander a weak little girl? If it wasn’t for the fact that she herself did such a filthy thing, then why would I need to make such a big fuss about it?”

“Bullshit! Our young lady is-“

“Is what?” He laughed in disdain, “I want to see just what kind of excuse you can come up with to refute my claims.”

Lei Xu turned to the unmoved Ji Fengyan. “Ji Fengyan, your dog says that I’m slandering you. Then… I’ll let everybody here see if I’m really slandering you or not.”

After he finished speaking, Lei Xu turned to that vulgar middle-aged man in front of his horse. “Speak precisely about about what you saw that day. If there’s anything wrong with what you said, I’ll absolutely not forgive you.”

That middle-aged man held his hands behind his back and nodded vigorously. Taking a step forward, he began to speak in front of the crowd. “I’m a miner in this city who supplies raw stones to the Ideal Gold Store. Not long ago, the manager of the store suddenly became a vegetable, so the store was entrusted to the care of his son. I didn’t feel anything about it at first, but two days ago when I went to deliver raw stones and was late a bit, I saw…”

“Saw what?” Lei Xu pressed.

The man swallowed. “I saw the new manager together with a woman…”

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