ENL – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – If Soldiers Come, Then the General Defends (3)

All of the guards besides Ling He stood there solemnly. As Zhou Ji walked forward, the heavy sword in his hand dragged on the ground, causing an ear-piercing screech as it left a deep scar on it.

“Boss, the sword in this fellow’s hands seems to have a bit of history.” A guard standing besides Ling He whispered.

Ling He slightly nodded, his expression serious as he held his sword with a single hand.

As both of them were swordsmen, they were thus extremely clear about the importance of a heavy sword to their occupation. The heavy sword in Ling He’s hand had been forged with profound iron, making it incomparably durable and it therefore could be said to be a rather decent material. Unfortunately, in the battle before they entered the city, his heavy sword had already been cracked when he fought to protect Ji Fengyan.

With the heavy sword in Zhou Ji’s hands being so unusually sharp, then even if Ling He’s heavy sword had been in perfect condition, it was still very likely that his sword wouldn’t have been able to triumph over Zhou Ji’s.

Thinking about it now, with Ji City’s extensive mineral veins and Zhou Ji’s status as Lei Xu’s subordinate, then he naturally would’ve been able to use rare ores to forge his heavy sword, making it far better than the one in Ling He’s hands by a large margin.

This battle hadn’t started yet and already Ling He was at a disadvantage.


Ling He took a step forward, his hands bracing his sword in front of him, his aura wildly surging out.

At this moment, he wouldn’t retreat even a single step!

Zhou Ji’s swept his gaze over the heavy sword in Ling He’s hands and he suddenly sneered. “I thought that you would’ve been someone fierce, but it seems you’re only so-so. You actually want to fight me with that worthless sword? Simply seeking death! The sword in my hands had been forged from cold iron and just based on your profound iron sword, you basically still wouldn’t have been my opponent, much less now when it’s already been cracked. I don’t think that it’ll even be able to take two blows from me before it completely shatters. Truly… boring. Killing such a trash of a swordsman like you really makes it difficult for me even feel the least bit of interest.”

Ling He’s face didn’t change at all, but his partners standing behind him had already turned dark in the face from anger!

They had all been soldiers who had fought to protect their country and it was only because their general, Ji Yun, whom they had devoted themselves to, had entrusted his only daughter to them before dying in battle that they would chose to step down from the battlefield. It was unknown how many demonic troops had the weapons in their hands cut down, how many times that it protected their country from danger.


This weapon that had been forged for military service was trash in Zhou Ji’s eyes.

It was an insult that any soldier wouldn’t have been able to take!

“What are you trying to do by spouting so much nonsense? If you want to fight, then fight! Even if I don’t have a suitable heavy sword, I would still be able to beat trash like you down!” Ling He bellowed in a deep voice.

“Overestimating yourself. You truly won’t comprehend until you’ve seen your coffin casket, but this is also good. This sword of mine hasn’t been soaked with blood in a long time, therefore I’ll use yours to feed it today.” Zhou Ji eyes flashed with a cold light, his large figure suddenly charging towards Ling He!

Taking a deep breath, Ling He’s entire attention was completely focused on preparing for battle!

Two pairs of heavy swords clashed in the air, releasing a clanging sound. It was but a short exchange, but it had already raised a cloud of dust!

Under this attack, the fractures on the heavy sword in Ling He’s hands abruptly widened, even the the extent of cracking sounds constantly ringing out.

Zhou Ji’s eyes flashed with a malicious smile. “That sword in your hand won’t be able to hold on.”

“Gibberish!” Ling He roared darkly.

Each of the guards off to the side wiped off some sweat. It was very obvious that the heavy sword in Ling He’s hands was already likely at the end of its life. If it received another blow, then it would shatter!

Zhou Ji basically didn’t plan on letting Ling He go as he once again lifted his sword and charged forward. Without the least bit of hesitation, Ling He also raised his sword to receive this attack. Just at that critical moment, a dark figure suddenly dashed between the two and forcibly blocked Zhou Ji’s slash!

“Are my people those that you can act against?” A voice that seemed to smile asked.

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