ENL – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – You Reap What You Sow

Crackling sounds pricked everybody’s ears as countless pieces of stones were blown flying. Carrying a shocking amount of force, they ruthlessly smashed into the group of observers, causing loud miserable shrieks and painful moans to ring out one after the other.

The father and son duo of Lei Xu and Lei Min who stood closest to the front were the most miserable, everywhere that those rocks smashed into turning the colour of blue and purple. Lei Xu’s forehead had a bright red gash driven across it, the injury dripping with blood while his entire body felt a piercing pain throughout.

However, at this moment Lei Xu basically couldn’t care about the severe pain his body felt, standing in place with a shocked expression. He watched flabbergasted as that originally tightly blocked mining tunnel had a large gap blown through it!

What joke was this?

Everybody was stunned, no one having the time to care about their body’s pain. Just a moment ago, that explosion seemed to have almost completely blown up the calmness that they had all felt from before!

They essentially had no idea about what just happened. Why did Ji Fengyan’s one casual slash with a sword cause the entire tunnel entrance to explode open? This paranormal scene really made it difficult for people to believe.

There were no explosives nor were there any magic used and the tunnel entrance just mysteriously exploded just like that?

That would be simply a joke!

All of those family leaders of Ji City’s eminent families were dumbfounded. If they didn’t see it personally with their own eyes then even if they were beaten to death, they still wouldn’t be able to believe that this was all true.

“Agh-“ A certain family was just preparing to say something, but the pain on his face caused his expression to twist.

At that point, everybody finally noticed. During that explosion just now, all of them had their bodies smashed by the flying stones until they were blue and purple. Other then the wound on Lei Xu’s forehead, quite a few other people also became rather colourful as well. These people had all been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, since when had they ever received such injuries? After the shock of the moment had finally passed, the pain from their entire body immediately caused them to grimace in pain and howl nonstop.

All of their luxurious clothes had been darkened with dust, their faces covered in wounds big and small caused by the flying rocks, even their hair was completely messed up. In but a moment, this group of proud and arrogant family leaders immediately became a group of unbearable, dishevelled, and unlucky eggs.

On the other hand… Ji Fengyan and her subordinates who stood in front of them and was the closest to the mining tunnel weren’t affected in the least. Not to mention becoming colourful, even the clothes on their bodies weren’t covered in the slightest bit of dust!

“JI FENGYAN! What did you do?!” Lei Xu furiously roared as he held the wound on his forehead in a fluster. He was completely enraged, the piercing pain on his forehead causing his malicious heart to twist even further.

Ji Fengyan seemed to smile as she looked at Lei Xu, slightly raising up her chin. “Sir Lei, what I did is what I should’ve done.”

“What you should’ve done? Do you even know what you’re doing? Can’t you see that a lot of people were injured? You’re simply a lunatic!” Lei Xu was both angered and astonished. He was startled that Ji Fengyan had such supernatural methods as to actually blow open the tunnel entrance that he had ordered people to block.

“Eh?” Ji Fengyan slightly raised a brow. Seeing the colourful Lei family father and son duo, there wasn’t the least bit of contrition in the depths of her eyes, instead they smiled even more brilliantly. “Sir Lei, just before you said that if I had the capabilities then I could just open this mineral vein myself. Everything that I just did, did it not meet with Sir Lei’s silent acceptance? What’s more… I wasn’t the one controlling those broken stones, so even if everybody suffered injuries, how does that involve me?”

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