ENL – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Look Closely for Me!

That was… Lei Xu’s true objective!

He wanted to let Ji Fengyan know that without his permission, even if her status as city lord was publicly announced, it would still amount to nothing more then useless trash.

Seeing those family leaders of several of Ji City’s families standing behind Lei Xu and those obedient miners, the smile in the depths of Ji Fengyan’s eyes became more and more frosted.

Ling He and the others were almost angered into insanity. In Ji City it didn’t matter whether she was the city lord or not, nobody would listen to her.

He finally understood why Ji Fengyan had not been in a hurry to release the news of her being the city lord. She had already early on anticipated that even if she publicly announced it, all that it would amount to would be a joke of a position in name only.

Ji City was Lei Xu’s domain.

“My lady, we’ll do it ourselves!” Ling He was frustrated beyond belief. Rolling up his sleeves, he called the other guards over and prepared to excavate the mineral vein himself.

All of the other guards were also rearing to go, preparing to personally go forward.

“I truly am curious, are you guys planning on using your hands or using your weapons to dig out those rocks?” Lei Xu lightly questioned, his gaze falling on Ling He’s heavy sword.

“Truly a pity. In the end, a treasured sword that had once killed innumerable enemies has now actually fallen to the point of being a tool used to dig rocks. It really is… too pitiful.” The mocking tone Lei Xu used couldn’t be even more clearer.

“You!” Ling He grabbed his sword as he took a step forward. Immediately, those family leaders who followed Lei Xu over ordered their guards to quickly protect him.

“You’re but a meagre guard and you’re still planning on taking actions towards Sir Lei?”

“So these are the Young City Lord’s guards? They truly have no sense of propriety…”

Sound after sound of criticism were like steel nails, rooting Ling He in place.

“Big Brother He.” Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly resounded.

Ling He turned around and looked at her.

For the first time ever, he saw a trace of a biting chill inside Ji Fengyan’s constantly smiling eyes.

“Give me your sword.” Ji Fengyan smiled, however that smile didn’t reach the depths of her eyes

He was unconsciously shocked. Hesitating for a moment, Ling He then handed the heavy sword in his hands over to Ji Fengyan.

Seeing Ji Fengyan take that heavy sword, Lei Xu was nonchalant, thinking that she was just unwilling to let Ling He take the fall and was preparing to act herself.


After receiving that heavy sword, instead of taking a step towards Lei Xu, Ji Fengyan lightly slid a fingertip over the sword’s edge…

A bright red drop of blood fell from her fingertip.

The faint scent of blood spread throughout the mountainside. Lifting up her head, Ji Fengyan looked towards Lei Xu. “Sir Lei, you need to watch closely.”

After she finished speaking, Ji Fengyan tore off a piece of her clothes, using her blood-soaked fingertip to gracefully draw a strange rune on it. Under everybody’s skeptical gaze, she lightly threw that blood-coloured rune upwards, the heavy sword in her hand immediately and directly slashing through it!


A loud clashing sound echoed out as that heavy sword cut through the rune and directly struck the large pile of rocks behind it.

“What are you do-” Lei Xu looked at Ji Fengyan with confusion, thinking that this dead girl had turned insane.

However, before he could finish speaking.


A powerful explosion suddenly rang out! As the rumbling sound pierced through everybody’s ears, dust scattered everywhere while the entire mountainside trembled!

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  1. Eksentrysyti says:

    Slowly getting somewhere.

    Why doesn’t she just detonate Lei Xu’s body and get it over with? He’s just a tool and thief. Now that the true City Lord has arrived, why’s he farting everywhere when he’s not supposed to have power?

    • SaMu says:

      Why not detonate his body? Because she hasn’t finished playing with her food (everyone against her in Ji City) yet. We still want to see him on his knees begging, as is the standard for any modern chinese wuxia novel

    • OptionalOptmism says:

      She lacks personal power and influence. What she needs is to strengthen her forces and shift the influential lords in this city to favor her instead of the Lei family. She needs to secure a home and murdering her enemy simply for not liking the provided treatment is inconsequential and not as savory as slowly stripping them of everything they want to keep out of her reach.

  2. Aisara says:

    Muahahaha you ass, open your eyes wide and see what i can do! Thank you for the chapter

  3. magpie says:

    Two reasons:
    1. The next mining overseer could be more annoying, so first try to reform this idiot that “Can’t see Mt. Tai.” and/or
    2. Identify all of the troublemakers before starting the executions — it is less tiring than having to chase them down one by one.

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    Thank you for the new chapters!

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    Time to punished this group of nasty people. Thanks.

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