ENL – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – Beat Him for Me!

Lei Xu clenched his teeth as he looked at Ji Fengyan. The constant piercing pain transmitted throughout his body caused him to really want to crush this **** to death!

Since when did he silently accept things?

Seeing the enraged expression on Lei Xu’s face, the smile on Ji Fengyan’s lips grew even thicker. Narrowing her eyes, she beamed, “Still, I was really surprised. These rocks seemed to have grown eyes, all of them actually hitting you guys and Sir Lei’s bodies. It really is…”

Karmic retribution!

Lei Xu’s face turned dark and white, however Ji Fengyan’s words caused him to become unable to retort. He really didn’t do anything to stop her, but… How could he have known that Ji Fengyan really did have the capabilities to blast open that mining tunnel?

One had to know, that just blocking those tunnels alone had already required him to use nearly one hundred miners and work through the night. Meanwhile, in Ji Fengyan’s hands, all of it was wasted in a matter of seconds.

Look at the people on his side full of lumps and bruises caused by the flying debris and then looking at Ji Fengyan and her guards, Lei Xu felt that something was off but couldn’t think of what.

Those eminent family family leaders were even more depressed to the point of spitting blood. Originally, they had wanted to watch Lei Xu crush this little girl who was city lord in name only to death, but where would they have thought that in the end they themselves would be full of bumps and bruises? Each one of their heads had already swollen to the point of looking like a pig, not to even mention their feeling of depressopn.

Seeing Lei Xu’s group’s dishevelled appearance, Ling He was roaring with laughter in his mind.

Did they really think that such minor things would actually stop their young lady?

Stop joking!

Their young lady’s blood had power!

Lei Xu had been humiliated and had no way of refuting it. He could furiously glare at Ji Fengyan.

Lei Min’s circumstances weren’t any better. His face had been grazed open by a stone and as someone who took pride in his appearance, he really had no one of accepting this flaw. “Ji Fengyan, a joke must also have its limits! You can just blow up this mineral vein whenever you want? Do you even know how dangerous that is? Everybody here has a special status in Ji City, you wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility if even one was injured!”

Ji Fengyan smiled brightly as she looked at Lei Min who had flown into a rage, the depths of her eyes flashing with a biting chill. “Can’t bear the responsibility? Lei Min, were you struck dumb?! Except for the Eldest Princess and the Grandmaster, who else in Ji City has a status that is higher than me, the city lord? All of the mineral veins surrounding Ji City were originally supposed to be administered by the city lord, therefore if I want to blow them up then I’ll blow them up! Since when was there a place for you to speak? Not to mention that you’re only Lei Xu’s son, even your father would sooner or later no longer be Ji City’s city lord after I take over the position and you still think you’re that proud and arrogant young city lord? You’re only but someone who has no power or status, so what are you depending on to put on airs around me, the city lord? Guards!”

“Here!” As Ling He’s group was listening, their blood boiled. Their young lady was finally taking action!

“Take down this impertinent thug and heavily cane him fifty times!” She narrowed her eyes, smiling as she spoke out words that made Lei Min flabbergasted.

She’s actually sending someone to beat him?

Lei Min stared at Ji Fengyan in disbelief.

Ling He’s group who had early on began harbouring hatred towards the Lei family’s father and son duo naturally didn’t say anything else as they went forward to grab him.

Lei Min’s eyes were filled with shock, “Who dares to touch me?!”

As he was speaking, the guards of Lei Xu and those family leaders immediately surrounded Lei Min, blocking in front of Ling He and the others.

Lei Xu’s eyes had already sunken to the point where they could’ve dripped blood, ferociously glaring at Ji Fengyan. “Fengyan, always leave a thread behind in all matters. Do you not understand this principle?”

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

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    • yorozuyaginchan says:

      Must be something similar to “Have a backup plan” or something.

    • magpie says:

      I always find these idioms interesting… Is he advising her that her foolhardy attack means she has stranded herself “On Deadly Ground” with no escape -or- is he advising her that to corner your foes “On Death Ground” means you will force them to attack without fear? Both? The base proverb sounds like describing a spider and its connection to safety in its web…

    • Morbid Eel says:

      No it should be “Of course I have heard of it! That is why I am going to leave his life hanging by a thread.”

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