ENL – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Bullying People With Power

This time, Lei Xu brought Ji Fengyan and the others onto a long mountain path. As the day slowly fell into evening, golden light scattered over the forested mountain.

Finally, Lei Xu stopped in front of a large mining tunnel that was thoroughly blocked by an enormous pile of stones, its circumstances inside unknown.

“This is one of the best mineral veins in Ji City, however… Fengyan, you can also see that Uncle Lei wasn’t trying to fool you. This mining tunnel had already collapsed due to the wind and rain and not because I’m unwilling to bring you here as even if you came, you still wouldn’t be able to enter.” Lei Xu sighed extremely helplessly.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. From the cracks between those stones, she could already see the variety of colourful spiritual energies that rare ores released. Lei Xu didn’t “lie”, this mineral vein was far better than the ones from before!

“Since it has collapsed for quite some time, then why hasn’t somebody re-excavated it?” Ling He furrowed his brows as he asked.

Although Lei Xu didn’t seem to have been lying, but all of this was a bit too coincidental. Before he had never heard about any situation of collapses recently, however after Ji Fengyan made her trip yesterday, all of the mineral veins unexpectedly collapsed today. Where in the world would there be such an interesting coincidence?

“How could excavating these mineral veins be that simple? The amount of manpower and financial resources required isn’t what you people can imagine.” Lei Xu fired back calmly.

After finishing, Lei Xu once again looked at Ji Fengyan.

“Fengyan, you’ve also seen how things are. If you don’t believe me, I can bring you to look at a few other mineral veins as well.”

As Lei Xu was speaking, Lei Min who was standing off to the side secretly revealed a smug smile. Normal people had a difficult time imagining how many mineral veins Ji City had. Ji Fengyan and her group were but outsiders, so how could they find them? Therefore wouldn’t Lei Xu be able to bring them wherever he wanted to bring them?

At this moment, Lei Min had already completely relaxed knowing that his father had already made every necessary preparation.

“No need.” Ji Fengyan waved her hand.

Lei Xu secretly became smug.

“As Ji City’s city lord, I believe I have the authority to extract these mineral veins, right?” She suddenly asked.

He shrugged, “Naturally. So, Fengyan, you’re planning on re-excavating this collapsed mineral vein?”

“Correct.” Ji Fengyan nodded.

Lei Xu quietly sneered, but his face had a helpless expression. “Now that truly is a pity. These mineral veins that have collapsed before are too dangerous, almost no miner in Ji City dares to work under these hazardous conditions.”

Once Lei Xu had finished speaking, the miners that were lead by Qi didn’t move the slightest bit as they stood behind Lei Xu, as if they had never heard that Ji Fengyan was Ji City’s city lord at all.

“You people still aren’t doing anything?” Ling He immediately pressured, seeing those miners just standing there.

However, Qi’s group didn’t budge.

“You people won’t even listen to the City Lord’s words?!” He shouted.

The only response was silence and Lei Xu’s almost arrogant smile.

At Ji Fengyan’s side, there were only those few guards of hers while those family leaders of Ji City’s eminent families and miners all stood behind Lei Xu. It was very obvious that in their eyes, Lei Xu was Ji City’s true city lord.

Any words of Ji Fengyan was the same as farts to them!

As long as Lei Xu didn’t speak not even one of them would obey the commands of this Ji Fengyan City Lord.

Lei Xu wanted Ji Fengyan to understand that even if she was Ji City’s true city lord, as long as he was here, nobody would believe her status!

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