ENL – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – So What if it’s Ordinary?

After Ling He sent them away, the guards off to the side immediately circled him, all expression their doubts at the same time into his ears.

“What to do? That *** ** * ***** father and son pair are obviously trying to bully our young lady. How could those animals become a mount?”

“Boss, you should quickly go persuade the young lady.”

Ling He was annoyed to the point where he had a splitting headache. Waving his hand, he said, “Relax, our young lady isn’t stupid. She must have definitely seen through the thoughts of those *** ** * ***** and deliberately led them into an awkward situation. You guys just wait, I’ll go and ask her.”

Saying that, Ling He dashed off to look for Ji Fengyan.

When he arrived at Ji Fengyan’s room, she was just treating the little fawn’s injuries, her focused appearance seeming extremely gentle.

“My lady.” Ling He cleared his throat.

Ji Fengyan turned around and smiled. “Big Brother He, is there a problem?”

Ling He nodded and entered the room. “What my lady did today wasn’t wrong. If we let Lei Xu continue on like this, then my lady will definitely have a lot of problems later. Right now, my lady is conceding to make advances and it should be Lei Xu’s turn to have a headache after you chose such a little thing. Even if he’s the local overlord, if my lady enters the battlefield and His Majesty learns that my lady’s mount is actually an ordinary beast, then at that time, there will likely be more than enough for Lei Xu, that *** ** * *****, to take. I believe that at this time, Lei Xu will probably want to start screaming, perhaps right now he’s thinking of a way to let my lady choose a proper mount.”

The more Ling He thought, the more relieved he was. As expected, it is their young lady who was the smartest. With this, it’ll force Lei Xu to have no choice but to honestly send those mounts over.

“Big Brother He.” Ji Fengyan looked at a giddy-faced Ling He and remained silent for a moment before continuing. “That… I didn’t really want to do anything to Lei Xu, what I said was true. I want this little fellow to become my mount.”

“……” Ling He became completely stunned. With his eyes bulging wide-opened, he looked as if he saw a ghost.

Not waiting for Ji Fengyan to finish talking, Ling He jumped up.” MY LADY! You can’t joke like this! Your mount concerns your future safety on the battlefield! It isn’t a trifling matter!”

Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at Ling He who had instantly exploded. The little fawn that was lying on the table after having just calmed down became startled by his roars. Ignoring the wound on its legs, it wanted to escape but luckily Ji Fengyan was quite dextrous catching it as it almost fell onto the ground.

“Big Brother He, don’t be so hysterical. You’re scaring Bai Ze.” She lightly laughed.

“Bai… Bai what?” Ling He became dazed again.

“Bai Ze.” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she smiled. “An archaic saying. The ancient times had the divine beast Bai Ze; cognizant of countless things, understanding of gods and demons, revered by the myriad of beasts. Isn’t it very cool?”

“……” Ling He looked at his young lady who started to turn insane again. What archaic saying? He had essentially never heard of it. What’s more… “My lady, that is an ordinary fawn.”

Ji Fengyan smiled, carefully comforting the little white fawn in her arms.

“Big Brother He, don’t you feel… that the colour of its fur is really beautiful?”

IT IS STILL AN ORDINARY DEER! Ling He choked back, refraining from roaring.

Ji Fengyan knew that Ling He was just trying to help her. However, sitting on a white deer… That scene really was too immortal, so no one could stop her!

“Although right now, it’s ordinary, but in the future… Who can say?” The depths of Ji Fengyan’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light. Looking at the oblivious little white fawn in her arms, her lips curled up in a smile.

So what if it was an ordinary white deer?

This young master also has a way to turn it into a unique top-quality immortal deer!

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