ENL – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 – The Young Lady is Insane Again

Ling He felt that the degree of his young lady’s insanity was becoming deeper and deeper… After trying to persuade her for a long time and only seeing Ji Fengyan hold that excessively startled little fawn while stroking it, he could only silently leave with a suffocated red face.

In the room, Ji Fengyan helped Bai Ze wrap up its wounds. Perhaps it was because her movements and expression were gentle, but the agitated and freighted Bai Ze finally started to calm down. With wide and watery eyes, it looked at the little girl in front of it.

Ji Fengyan happily smiled as she stroked Bai Ze’s head. “Be obedient, in the future, I will be your master. Don’t worry though, there’ll be one day when you’ll immortally blind everybody’s eyes.”

Bai Ze, as a thoroughbred young white deer, had a limited intellect and essentially couldn’t understand what Ji Fengyan was saying. The only thing it knew, was that it felt very warm when staying by her side.

“Come on, come on, eat some supplements first.” Ji Fengyan took out a bottle of medicinal pills from the Spatial Soul Jade, shuffling out a pill and placing it in front of Bai Ze.

Bai Ze sniffed it before giving it a tentative lick. Maybe Bai Ze was truly hungry or maybe because the pill’s flavour was pretty good, it immediately swallowed the medicinal pill in one gulp.

The smile in the depths of Ji Fengyan’s Eyes became even thicker. “You’re way too young. If you want to temper this fleshly body, it will still need to be done slowly.”

Bai Ze slanted its head with an oblivious expression.

Once Bai Ze finished eating the medicinal pill, it quickly fell asleep. Ji Fengyan also didn’t mind, directly carrying little Bai Ze to her bed and settling it down. After that was done, she began to prepare the medicinal herbs that she ordered before.

In cultivation, the mind, spirit, and body can all be tempered. By accumulating the essences of the sun and the moon, Ji Fengyan spent her entire life cultivating in her previous world, just needing to undergo her tribulation before becoming an immortal. At that time, even if she didn’t eat, drink, or rest for an entire month, she wouldn’t feel the least bit of exhaustion or weakness. Meanwhile, this body was fragile to the point where even dozing off for a few moments would cause her to feel very sleepy. It had already been a long time since Ji Fengyan experienced this type of feeling, so…

If she wanted to cultivate her spirit, then she had to first cultivate her body!

Ji Fengyan prepared so many medicinal herbs for two reasons. First, it was to refine them into medicinal pills that would strengthen her body and second, she wanted to help Ling He and the others temper themselves.

Before, she had secretly checked their constitution. While their strength and tenacity weren’t bad, they had too many impurities in their bodies. Based on the immortal cultivation system, it was likely that Ling He and the others wouldn’t have any immortal destiny this lifetime! However, towards the extremely protective Ji Fengyan, if their constitution weren’t suitable for cultivation, then she could would help them cultivate!

So after having made up her mind, Ji Fengyan also conveniently took care of Ling He and the others’ portion of medicinal pills!

While those guards inside the residence were sighing over how Ji Fengyan chose little Bai Ze in her insanity, Ji Fengyan herself was completely unaware as she remained engrossed in thinking of medicinal pills for cultivation. But what she didn’t know, was that Ling He and the others were worried to the point where they almost wanted to climb up the mountain and catch a powerful mount for her in the wild.

Ji Fengyan’s pill refinement speed was very quick. Along with her Inner Core having recovered a bit under those rare ores, the spiritual energies inside those medicinal pills had increased.

After she finished refining those medicinal pills, Ji Fengyan first gave Ling He and the others one bottle per person, instructing them to take one pill every day and taught them the most basic cultivation technique of mediation. She cajoled, warned, and exhorted them to definitely do as she said day after day.


Ling He and the others all sat cross-legged in front of Ji Fengyan’s room, obliviously and ignorantly listening to her full-length lecture, every single one of them feeling as if a raging army was trampling throughout their heads.

They completely couldn’t understand what Ji Fengyan was saying!

What could sitting cross-legged, closing their eyes to rest, and eating a few medicinal pills do?

Unfortunately… Ji Fengyan had an uncompromising attitude, thus Ling He and the others could only obey.

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