ENL – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – I’m Happy, What Can You Do?

Lei Xu looked at the little white fawn that Ji Fengyan was carrying, the corners of his mouth twitching in a sneer. Today, it didn’t matter what Ji Fengyan chose, the mount that she would finally get would completely depend on their will. He would let this little girl know that when she is in his territory, it didn’t matter how high her status was, she would still have to behave obediently!

“Fengyan, you’ve chosen?” Lei Xu asked, concealing the viciousness in his eyes as he took a step forward and watched Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan nodded her head, not even glancing at Lei Xu. Lowering her head, she patiently comforted the terrified and trembling fawn in her arms.

Truly pitiful. Looking at how scared it was, it would probably start shedding fur soon.

“This fawn was originally suppose to be given to the crimson flame beast to eat, so it seems Fengyan’s eyes are pretty good. On another day, I’ll bring you to take a look.” Lei Xu said magnanimously. However, those who understood the crimson flame beast all knew.

Although the crimson flame beast had a high battle power, its nature was the most brutal out of all of the mounts. Even if it was personally raised when young by your side, there was no guarantee that it would listen to orders when it grew up. What’s more… Lei Xu was planning to directly keep that crimson flame beast in his own residence.

Now, even if Ji Fengyan raised it, there was no need to even mention cooperating together in battle, perhaps before she even entered the battlefield she would need to first have a fight with the crimson flame beast!

Having a deep awareness of the dangers in this, Ling He and the others could no longer tolerate it. He immediately took a step forward, preparing to completely fall out with Lei Xu.


“What crimson flame beast?” Ji Fengyan suddenly asked.

When Lei Xu saw Ji Fengyan’s oblivious expression, he immediately laughed before saying, “The crimson flame beast is a type of mount that has a high battle power. After its killing intent bursts out, it entire body will burn with an intense flame, making it extremely good at opposing the demons-“

“I believe you’ve made a mistake.” Before Lei Xu could finish, Ji Fengyan abruptly interrupted, breaking off his lackadaisical words.

Lei Xu was unable to understand as he looked at Ji Fengyan.

Her lips raised in a smile, beaming at the snowy white little fawn in her arms. “I don’t want that something crimson flame beast, my mount is this one.”

“Wha-“ At this moment, even Lei Xu was completely stupefied.

He originally wanted to take away Ji Fengyan’s mount to force her to capitulate, but even if you beat him to death, he still would have never thought that Ji Fengyan’s final choice would actually be the fawn that he casually brought back from the hunters!

Was this girl insane?

Is she truly stupid or was she pretending to be stupid?

“I said that my mount is this one. Isn’t it just adorable?” Ji Fengyan happily stroked that little fawn’s fur, the obvious coarseness of it under her fingertips causing her to feel some sadness.

“B-but it’s only food! How could this type of thing enter the battlefield with a life exterminator?!” Lei Xu was stunned. He already couldn’t get a feel at all of what Ji Fengyan was thinking in her head.

A life exterminator’s mount was the same as one of their arms, so naturally the stronger it was the better it was. Now…

Ji Fengyan chose a half-dead ordinary fawn. If this wasn’t idiocy, then what was?

“Since it’s my mount, then naturally my choice is paramount. I’ve troubled Uncle Lei to come over and am very satisfied with it. Big Brother He, please send them off.” Ji Fengyan held the little fawn in her arms, having absolutely no intentions on wasting any more words with Lei Xu. Turning around, she headed towards her room.

Everybody in the courtyard was stupefied. Ling He himself was stunned for a good while before he returned to reality. Obeying Ji Fengyan’s orders, he “requested” for the Lei family’s father and son duo to leave.

One iron cage after another was casually thrown out of the main gate. Lei Xu stared at the tightly locked doors, his face instantly losing all of its colour.

Now, things have become big!

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