ENL – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Pitiful One

As Lei Min spoke, he wasn’t the least bit uneasy, each and every word extremely clear. However, Ling He and the others’ faces had already darkened to the point that it looked like the bottom of a pot!

“If Little Sister Fengyan feels that just based on these alone is unreliable for making a choice, you can also accompany us back to the City Lord’s Residence. At that time, you can slowly choose.” Lei Min looked at Ji Fengyan. The way he smiled was very scholarly, but the depths of his eyes flashed with a harsh expression.

Even if you’re a life exterminator, so what?

An adolescent little girl in a new and different town, wasn’t she still just played around with and controlled by them?

The faces of Ling He and the others became extremely difficult to look at. This was obviously the Lei father and son family deliberately making things difficult for Ji Fengyan. Only the devil knew what other treacherous dangers awaited her if she were to go the the City Lord’s Residence.

As Lei Min was waiting for Ji Fengyan’s capitulation, she seemed as if she wasn’t the one involved, strolling around the outside of those iron cages.

“There’s no need for such trouble, this one is just fine.” Ji Fengyan brightly smiled as she replied. Not even bothering to cast a sidelong glance at the father and son duo, she was instead interested in that pitiful little animal inside the cage.

Ji Fengyan moved around from side to side for several turns, not saying anything else.

Lei Min slightly furrowed his brows, not knowing whether Ji Fengyan didn’t know the intricacies of what was going on or was truly stupid. These little animals were what they casually caught, so even if she chose one, wouldn’t the corresponding mount just be arranged as they wished?

The objective this time was to inconvenience Ji Fengyan, however she didn’t react at all, making Lei Min unable to help but feel a bit surprised. Unconsciously, he looked at Lei Xu who gave him a “don’t be impatient” expression with his eyes.

“Fengyan, you can slowly choose. When you’ve made your choice, I’ll let someone raise the mount for you. Right now, all of the mounts sent over are all younglings; your age is young and likely won’t be able to raise those pampered mounts well. Wait until we raise that mount a little bigger and then we’ll hand it over to you.” Lei Xu’s smile was very kind and gentle, but every single word was laced with a threatening intention.

His plan was to completely take away Ji Fengyan’s mount!

If a mount wasn’t personally raised up by their master, then in the following days on the battlefield, it would be extremely difficult to reach the coordination required. Lei Xu was clearly targeting Ji Fengyan!

Ling He and the others were already angered to the point where their faces were ashen. They were just waiting for Ji Fengyan’s order and they would slaughter that shameless father and son duo right then and there, even at the cost of their lives.


Again and again, Ji Fengyan made no movements.

Her gaze at this moment was attracted to that white figure locked up inside an iron cage, halting her steps and squatting next to it. With widened eyes, she watched that little body which was curled up in the corner.

It was a little fawn who’s entire body was a snowy white. The left front hoof slowly leaked with a trickle of blood at the joints, obviously injured during its capture. Seeming extremely weak, that little fawn barely breathed as it lay there, those big watery eyes also barely open in feebleness. Ji Fengyan’s approach made its small body unable to resist from trembling, curling up even more tightly.

“Big Brother He, where’s your sword?” Suddenly, Ji Fengyan turned her head, looking at the dark-faced Ling He.

Ling He returned to reality. Looking at Ji Fengyan’s eyes and looking at that half-dead little fawn, he thought that his young lady felt a burst of compassion. He immediately took out his heavy sword and walked over to the side of that cage.

Abruptly standing up, Ji Fengyan took that heavy sword out of Ling He’s hands. With a loud “bang” she directly slashed through the shackles on the cage!

That ear-piercing sound made Lei Min and Lei Xu furrow their brows. They silently watched as Ji Fengyan reached out with her hands, carrying that frightened little white fawn out from its cage.

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