ENL – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Fodder

A life exterminator’s mount was personally allocated by an empire’s imperial family. As those life exterminators were the main battle force in confronting the demons, all of the allocated mounts had an extremely high battle power.

Ji Fengyan went with Ling He together to the front courtyard inside the residence. There, a line of cages were placed in the appropriate spots, while Lei Xu, Lei Min, and the guards they brought with them stood off to one side.

However, when Ling He and and his fellow guards saw the mounts inside those cages, their faces instantly darkened to the point of turning purple!

It didn’t matter which mount; the more powerful they were, the more ferocious they were. Wanting to control them, one had to begin raising them when they were young and the ones that the Imperial Capital sent were mostly young. Only…

Looking at those drooping younglings inside the cages, Ling He’s veins were just about to explode!

Not to even mention that those younglings’ bodies were extremely feeble, their spirits listless, just their species alone basically couldn’t compare to the mounts a normal life exterminator had in terms of ferociousness.

What lion vulture beast? What behemoth? They couldn’t see even a hair from them.

What the cages in front of them contained were mostly normal ferocious beast, essentially unable to participate in battle. What made Ling He and the others really want to spit blood was that they actually found some little animals that didn’t have any battle power at all in those cages. A cat here, a dog there… These creatures were actually taken out for the mount selection?

Their complete excitement from before instantly turned into boundless rage. Who would have thought that Lei Xu and his party would bring along these mounts? They were essentially a bunch of inferior and damaged goods!

“Fengyan these are the mounts that His Majesty sent someone to deliver over. You also aren’t that young anymore and should choose one so that in the future when you enter the battlefield, you won’t be lacking in assistance.” Lei Xu seemed as if he basically didn’t notice the “could eat someone” expression in Ling He’s eyes. Laughing, he took a step forward and looked at Ji Fengyan off to the side, completely without any shame as he spoke.

Ji Fengyan swept an eye over Lei Xu, too lazy to bother focusing on him.

Ling He and the others forced down a belly full of fire. Unable to resist, he took a step forward while roaring, “Sir Lei! You’re saying that these are the mounts His Majesty prepared for a life exterminator? Aren’t you a little bit too frivolous ?! Even if I didn’t have the honour of being a life exterminator, at the very least I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with many life exterminators in battle! Which life exterminator would bring a rabbit onto the battlefield?!”

Ling He lifted his finger and pointed it at a cage that contained a white rabbit, angered to the point where his whole body was trembling.

Lei Xu looked at Ling He’s furious expression, not in the least bit nervous. Pretending to be surprised as he glanced at the white rabbit that Ling He was pointed at, he covered his forehead in “sudden comprehension”. “Look at my memory. These aren’t the mounts, these are the mount’s food.”

Saying that, Lei Xu pretended to be displeased as he turned his head to look at Lei Min off to the side. “Min’er how did this happen? I let you send someone to deliver the mounts over, so why is that what was sent over are all food stock? How could such trash become a life exterminator’s mount? Perhaps they wouldn’t even be enough for the demons to eat!”

Without any sincerity, Lei Min slowly spoke. “Father, you’ve misunderstood my intentions. The mounts that His Majesty sent over are extremely precious while the people in our residence are all clumsy and inept. I was afraid that they would injure the mounts while transporting them, so I brought the food that those mounts ate every day over. Besides, all of it is still about choosing. I believe that with Little Sister Fengyan’s eyesight, she only needs to look at what those mounts normally eat to know what mount she wants for herself.”

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