ENL – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Disaster and Fortune Exists Together

Opening a stone was the part that attracted peoples’ attentions the most in stone gambling. It didn’t matter whether those people didn’t have any money to buy anything, they would still move closer to watch the stone opening process and experience that feeling of nervousness and excitement. The stone that the middle-aged man bought was rather expensive, so everyone went closer to the place where that stone was being opened. They wanted to see whether this stone was worth the price.

Ji Fengyan also moved over there as well. She of course stood next to that large man. After giving her a glance, he didn’t say anything else and turned his gaze back to that stone being opened.

The stone opening process was complicated and tedious. To guarantee that the stone wouldn’t be damaged, they had to carve it a little bit at a time. During this time, the only sound that could be heard was scraping. Everyone held their breaths at this moment, wanting to see what ore would be opened.

Ji Fengyan looked at the scattering dust without any emotions. The spiritual energy layer attached to that stone was a light purple colour. As she didn’t understand the stones here, she also wasn’t clear about what that colour meant.

After a long time, a purple and gold coloured ore was suddenly revealed from the murky stone. This ore was only the size of a thumb and the entire business frothed with excitement!

“My heavens! It’s unexpectedly a Purple Gold Ore! He’ll be rich now!

“Dammit, if I knew earlier then I would have bought it first! This stone is absolutely worth it!

Only a thumb-sized amount was revealed but everybody was already boiling with excitement, as if it didn’t matter how small this ore was and just based on it’s kind alone was enough to make up for the fifty gold coins spent.

Looking at this, Ji Fengyan was completely lost. She also didn’t understand what that Purple Gold Ore was, but as the people around her talked, they essentially spoke about what it’s origins were.

Purple Gold Ore was a type of rare ore. While it couldn’t be considered the best, it could still be used to refine a few good things for magical tools. Besides using magic staffs, this world’s mages would also use a variety of magical instruments to enhance their magic. Purple Gold Ore contained a large amount of magical power and this could increase the results of magic, so it was deeply favoured by mages. It didn’t matter whether the Purple Gold Ore was the size of a pigeon egg, as long as it could be used, it would be refined into an outstanding magical tool.

Therefore… When everyone found out that this stone contained Purple Gold Ore, all of them were dying with excitement.

One had to know, with the size of this Purple Gold Ore so far, it’s price was already over one hundred gold coins. That middle-aged man earned more than double of what he payed.

As the stone was continuously carved, an egg-sized Purple Gold Ore was completely revealed before everyone. Compared to the stone which was the size of a human head, it was much smaller, but the price of this Purple Gold Ore already exceeded ten times it’s original cost!

Amongst the crowds’ envious gazes, the middle-aged man took his ore which was finished with being carved and left full with pride. Due to his harvest this time, the bustling shop suddenly became even livelier. It was like everyone received a huge stimulus. Not even a moment later, a lot of the stones inside the store was bought and taken.

That large man who stood next to Ji Fengyan tightened his fists. After looking for a long time, he finally selected a stone that was half the size of a palm and tremblingly took out a gold coin, preparing to pay.

“Uncle, it I were you, I would select the one next to your hand.” Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly rang out.

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