ENL – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Stone Gambling

“Uncle has good eyes!” Ji Fengyan nodded.

“No wonder you don’t know.” The corners of the large man’s mouth twisted.

“I’ll have to trouble Uncle to give me some pointers.” Ji Fengyan said cheerfully. That obedient appearance really made it difficult for someone to refuse.

Even though that large man was somewhat unwilling, he still talked.

While Ji City was small, it still had exports in ores. Once in a while there would be a few extremely rare ones which would be taken to other places and be sold at high prices. The only reason Ji City wasn’t earning earning that much money was because of how sparse those rare ores were, but this didn’t affect the thoughts most commoners had towards mining for them!

In Ji City, the main mineral veins were all controlled by the City Lord. Normal commoners basically had no way to touch them. Instead, a few mineral veins that had already been mined or those that contained small amounts of precious ores were available for the commoners to freely dig.

Only, those mineral veins available to the public were either located at precipitous cliffs or where there were almost no other people. Without even mentioning the dangers of travelling and an ore deposit capable of collapsing at any time, those rare ores in the mineral veins were extremely small. Even if someone was interested in mining for ten days to half a month, it wasn’t certain that they would be able to dig out a rare ore bigger than the size of a finger nail. Therefore those willing to go mining were also few.

The business Ji Fengyan was at right now was Ji City’s biggest stone gambling establishment. Although the rate of getting a precious ore was no different than the rate of gold falling from the sky, those few living in poverty were still willing to try. But they would bring the stones containing ores back to their place and whether those stones contained rare ores, no one knew.

This store would purchase the stones from the miners according to its grade and place it out in the stall for others to buy. In here, people could choose as they please. Whichever one they liked, as long as they had enough money, the stone could be directly bought and taken. If someone could open a rare ore, then that would be an extremely good thing.


As those ores were encapsulated by regular stones, wanting to select one containing a precious ore depended mostly on luck and not insight!

Due to stone gambling some people could suddenly become rich in one night, but there were some people that could also ruin a family because of it. Wanting to play was just palpitating one’s heart.

That large man spoke with Ji Fengyan for a few moments before his gaze once again landed on those ores.

Narrowing her eyes, the laughter in them suddenly became a bit deeper.

Perhaps in that large man’s eyes those encapsulated ores had no differences, but in Ji Fengyan’s eyes they were especially interesting. She unexpectedly found out that these stones would all have a layer of a certain amount of spirit energy on them. This spirit energy was extremely pure, thus it was the most suitable type of spiritual energy to use when cultivating!

At this time, Ji Fengyan finally realized the reason why her master would send her a message while she dreamed. If she guessed correctly, the spiritual energy in those stones would very likely help her increase her cultivation speed!

Only, Ji Fengyan wasn’t certain right now and needed to experiment first.

After a few moments, a person immediately bought a stone the size of a human head worth fifty gold coins. In a small city like Ji City, fifty gold coins could be counted as a a rather large sum. The majority of the stones inside this entire store only required a few silver coins to buy. With the conversion rate of a hundred silver coins to one gold coin, it could be said that the price of this stone really wasn’t cheap!

The person who heroically bought this stone was a forty to fifty years old middle-aged man. After he purchased that stone, he decisively requested the shopkeeper to open it on the spot and test his goods!

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