ENL – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road

That large man was slightly shocked. Looking at the little kid who hadn’t spoken until now, his brows immediately furrowed. Turning, he glanced at the stone Ji Fengyan pointed out. This stone was even smaller but it’s price was the same as the one in his hand. From it’s outer appearance full of chinks, it really didn’t look like anything good.

“This little brother, while someone is buying something here, others are not allowed to interrupt.” The manager of the business reminded in slight displeasure as he looked at Ji Fengyan who had suddenly spoke.

She shrugged her shoulders.

The large man was a bit hesitant. Originally, he had already prepared to pay but now he retrieved his hand.

Seeing that the duck which was already at his lips fly away, the way the manager looked at Ji Fengyan became even less pleasant.

In just a few moments, a lot of people had already purchased a stone here and wanted it to be opened. Only, what was opened made some happy and left others in disappointment.

There was a person who was stimulated by the Purple Gold Ore from before and spent a large amount of money to buy a big stone. In the end, when it was opened, there was only a completely ordinary ore. Dozens of gold coins were instantly washed down the drain. One had to know that iron and gold were but the most ordinary type of ore. They could be easily found and therefore, no matter how big, it still wasn’t worth much money.

However, there were a few people who were lucky and opened up several precious ores. Unfortunately, those few rare ores were really small with the biggest being just about the size of a thumbnail. While they were still worth money, it couldn’t beat the Purple Gold Ore from before in terms of explosive profits.

Watching all these ores being opened, Ji Fengyan secretly memorized the colour of their spirit energy. After looking for a while, she was prepared to give it a try, when suddenly there was a commotion in the large store.

The tightly squeezed entrance abruptly opened up a passageway and a beautifully delicate figure went into the store with light steps.

Seeing that person’s figure, the busy manager immediately dropped everything in his hands and walked up with a ingratiating expression.

“Lady Su, you were free to come over today?” The manager laughed grovelingly, looking at Su Lingsheng who wore a silver-embroidered dress.

Su Lingsheng’s pretty eyes were calm as she looked at the boss with a natural air that carried the posture of being high above.

“Did a lot of ores arrive today?” She asked with silky voice that echoed throughout the store. When the men in the shop heard that voice, their bones seemed to soften. All of their eyes stuck to Su Lingsheng’s body, but none of them dared to move closer by even one step.

Who didn’t know about this beauty’s status? Not to even mention that Su Lingsheng had a close relationship with their Young City Lord right now, just her position as the Eldest Princess’ number one attendant was enough to make quite a few lustful ones stop right in their tracks.

“Yes, A shipment just came in right now. If Lady Su is interested, there’s no problem in slowly choosing.” The manager laughed as he prudently followed behind this rich mistress.

Su Lingsheng came with the Eldest Princess to Ji City. With her prestigious status, her financial resources wasn’t something that these commoners in Ji City could compare with.

Nodded her head lightly, the manager immediately arranged for someone to take over his place. However, Su Lingsheng’s gaze intentionally and unintentionally swept through the store, instantly seeing an unthinkable figure.

Ji Fengyan?

Su Lingsheng looked at that unremarkable figure in the crowd with slight astonishment.

Why is she here?

Uncontrollably, Su Lingsheng’s brows slightly furrowed and the way she looked at Ji Fengyan was threaded with displeasure.

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