ENL – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Beautiful and Satisfying Stones

Did this place really have something special about it?” Ji Fengyan stroked her chin. Her master had been deceased for so long, but this was the first time that she had received a dream message. Even though in Ji Fengyan’s previous life both of them directed their sharp tongues at each other more than once, but this time she could slightly feel that there absolutely had to be a reason for that voice.

Ling He and the others just started to sleep not long ago. After one night of cleaning, the big courtyard finally had a bit of a proper appearance. Although it was obviously shabby, but at the very least it was livable.

Ji Fengyan circled around the entire courtyard. Taking advantage of the rising sun, she decisively slipped out.

She wanted to see what was so special about this place.

While Ji City was small, the locals were simple. It was a bright early morning and the main street surged with people. Big and small stalls were set up on both sides of the street with many colourful objects displayed as businesses opened their doors for the day.

All of the basic necessities for life were there. Ji Fengyan strolled around the city for a few moments for a while and started to have a basic understanding. Compared to the twenty-fourth century, this world was even more ancient. Still, it wasn’t like the ancient times in her memories. This place didn’t have traditional dresses and long gowns, sharp swords or wide sabers. What it did have slanted more towards western-influenced things. Long spears, short swords, silver armour… There was also that wooden rod which almost looked like a stick of firewood called a “magic staff”…

After looking around for a while, Ji Fengyan’s excitement slowly faded. Just as she was about to go find something to fill her stomach, she suddenly saw a store surrounded with people. The way that they clustered around the place was especially eye-catching.

Ji Fengyan held thoughts of having fun as she scurried over.

It was a large store. The only difference between it and the other shops was that it didn’t display any luxurious or sparkling clothes, instead it displayed… One piece after another of dirty rugged stones.

There were big stones and small ones. The big ones could be as big as a table while the small ones were like mini quail eggs.

One unassuming stone after another were stacked together, creating a “small hill” inside the business stall.

Even more, some stones were placed on beautiful and exquisite shelves, looking extremely bizarre.

People gathered around the store, each one quarrelling with another, unexpectedly almost coming to blows as they fought over those stones. There were also several people in ragged clothes that went into the shop from another entrance. Every one of them carried a large wicker basket full of stones on their backs. As these people entered the business shop, a servant immediately received them while those causing a ruckus all tightly stared at those stones inside the wick basket.

It was just like… each one was a piece of gold.

Borrowing the advantage of her petite body, Ji Fengyan squeezed herself to the front of the crowd. Looking at a large man that had screamed until his ears were red, she brightly smiled and inquired, “Uncle, what are you guys doing?”

That large man’s eyes were constantly sweeping over those stones. When he heard Ji Fengyan’s question, he became a bit confused. Lowering his head, he found that there was unexpectedly a little one about as tall as his chest.

“Little kid, this place isn’t an area you should be in. Go, go, go, go…” The large man impatiently waved his hand.

“Why shouldn’t I be here?” Ji Fengyan patiently asked.

Furrowing his eyebrows and looking at Ji Fengyan who was squirming with curiosity, he only said, “Little kid, you’re not a resident of this city?”

“Uncle has good eyes!” Ji Fengyan nodded.

“No wonder you don’t know.” The corners of the large man’s mouth twisted.

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