DKC – Chapter 894

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Chapter 894 – Unexpected happy surprise (1)

Very quickly, the temperature inside the medicinal cauldron suddenly increased, and it kept going higher and higher.

At this moment, Su Luo’s heart was very tangled.

She clearly had the small stone and could avoid the flames, but because she was worried about her face, she could not bring it out.

The black ink-like medicinal juice started to bubble, continuously boiling.

Su Luo’s forehead was filled with beads of sweat that continued to roll down.

Her entire face seemed to be drenched by water.

The bean-sized droplets of sweat converged together and flowed down.

Even though her consciousness gradually became fuzzy, Su Luo still gritted her teeth and forced herself to endure it.

Just at this moment, Su Luo suddenly felt a strange change.

A faint warm air slowly rose from her pubic region.

Afterwards, a thin thread flowed throughout all the meridians in her body.

Su Luo suddenly stared blankly, afterwards, she was stumped for words, ecstatic.

If she did not guess wrong, this was the rhythm of being promoted!

Before, she was promoted to the summit of the fifth rank in the Black Forest, however, she was unable to find a good opportunity. Now, was she finally going to be promoted?

Su Luo’s eyes changed into a curved line in excitement.

In the next moment, her eyes were closed tightly. She emptied her mind of distracting thoughts. She softly recited the chant her master taught her, and very quickly entered the state of deep cultivation.

The surrounding black ink-like medicinal juice bubbled and surged.

The burning heat continuously pierced her nerves with pain.

However, at this moment, Su Luo was completely immersed in the excitement of breaking through. So, she had almost forgotten all the pain in her body.

However, wanting to be promoted was easier said than done.

Suddenly, Su Luo’s face showed a painful expression.

The air slowly moving around in her body suddenly seemed to become a flood and was very fierce.

Su luo’s four limbs, with hundreds of bones, continuously convulsed.

Her hands and feet were rigid like chunks of iron.

Her body temperature continuously dropped while the temperature outside continued to increase uncontrollably.

Turning hot, then cold, her body was extremely unbalanced, which was a sign for the Recoil of Madness state.

At this moment, Su Luo only felt that her whole head was dizzy, so painful as if it was about to explode.

She knew that if she allowed this state to continue, then she very likely would enter Recoil of Madness.

She didn’t want to become deranged!

Su Luo gritted her teeth and continuously reminded herself that she must endure!


Opportunity only knocks once!

Let alone to say that if she didn’t break through, then she would be burned to death inside here.

Su Luo clenched her hands into fists and used her spirit energy to appease the air that was flowing through her four limbs and hundreds of bones like a fierce raging bull.

Only, from Su Luo’s violently shuddering body and the painful expression on her face, clearly, there was little effect.

What to do?

Inside the space, the little divine dragon felt Su Luo’s pain. He clenched his paws tightly!

That pair of always innocent, clean, transparent, clear-as-glass, huge and limpid eyes now was scarlet red.

He wanted to go out to help Su Luo, but——

But now, he was sealed in a ball of light, no matter how he climbed, he couldn’t get out.

The little divine dragon continuously used his head to hit the walls of the ball, but that wall was like rubber, very elastic. No matter what, he could not come out.

“Awoo awoo awoo——” The little divine dragon was extremely angry.

“So noisy!” An impatient tone came from inside the small stone.

The little divine dragon’s attention was immediately attracted to it.

He raised his head.

His eyes became extremely bright from meeting his enemy.

However, now was clearly not the time for internal strife.

One could see Little Sky lazily tossed a glance at the little divine dragon and faintly said: “What are you staring blankly for, quickly come hit against me.”

The little divine dragon right now didn’t have the time to pay attention to him, and continued to scratch at the wall of the ball of light frantically.

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