DKC – Chapter 890

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Chapter 890 – Cooking Su Luo in warm water (6)

Su Luo never thought that medicine box was so important to Fairy Yan Xia. She wished she could return to the cage, although she had successfully concealed the matter of her stealing the medicine box, but she had also delivered herself to Fairy Yan Xia.

Thinking about this, Su Luo couldn’t help but want to hold her forehead.

What kind of situation was this ah.

Now, this old witch was right in the middle of a fit of anger, Su Luo dared not provoke her. She could only let Li Yaoyao escort her to go to the refining room.

Along the way, Su Luo’s mind was unceasingly pondering on plans to escape.

As long as she was away from the old witch’s eyes, then the odds of her escaping were quite high.

But the problem was–

There was simply no way out of this underground palace ah.

Forget about it, if they really forced her…… then she would smash the spirit pinball at them! Su Luo thought ruthlessly in her heart.

The refining room was located at the westernmost part of the entire palace.

The inside was close to a hundred square meters in area.

In the most central place of the room, a medicinal cauldron was set up.

This medicinal cauldron was clearly supersized.

Around the medicinal cauldron was a stone altar. On the stone altar, countless types of medicinal herbs that had been dried were arranged.

Fairy Yan Xia, in an ice-cold manner, looked at Su Luo, then pointed to that medicinal cauldron and said: “Go in.”

Su Luo was momentarily shocked, she repeated the words: “Go in?”

Fairy Yan Xia cast a sidelong glance at Su Luo, her sleeve fluttered, and all the clothing on Su Luo’s body was ripped apart.

The completely naked Su Luo, was directly sent into that supersized medicine cauldron by a gust of wind.

“Old witch! You want to cook me throughly?!” Su Luo, from the bottom of her heart, thought that the old witch was bringing her to the refining room for the sake of getting rid of the black medicinal liquid on her face. However, she never expected that she would actually cook her!

With an endlessly cold indifference in Fairy Yan Xia’s tone, she picked up a pile of medicinal herbs and threw them into the medicinal cauldron. Then, she picked up a bucket of medicinal liquid and directly poured it in. Soon after, she only coldly said: “This medicinal liquid can get rid of the black ink on your face, but only after your death.”

A very callous sentence.

“Old witch! You will receive retribution! Don’t think Master doesn’t know, based on his intelligence, he will definitely arrive at the right conclusion after pondering. At that time, you will be toast!” Su Luo shouted and made a big fuss.

“He will not kill me.” Fairy Yan Xia sneered.

“But he will never forgive you. He will hate you for a lifetime!” Su Luo was so angry that she screamed bloody murder.

“That would be best thing ever, exactly what I’m looking for.” Fairy Yan Xia remained unmoved.

“In the end, what hatred do I have with you ah, that you would treat me like this? A person about to die, should at least know why they die? You should at least tell me who does this face of mine resembles ah!” Su Luo loudly yelled.

Only at a time like this, taking advantage of when Yan Xia, this old witch, was feeling self-satisfied, was she able to ask for answers to secrets that she normally couldn’t get an answer to.

Sure enough, hearing these words from Su Luo, the fury on Yan Xia, this old witch’s, face flourished even more. Those two eyes were penetrating like the sharp point of a sword .

Fairy Yan Xia sneered: “Did Rong Yun tell you nothing at all? Hehe, since he won’t say, then let me tell you. There was a person, she was called Yan Hua.”

Yan Hua? A thread of astonishment flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. Wasn’t this the name of that dagger in her hand?

Then, it was this Yan Hua, who made Fairy Yan Xia so twisted with hatred and made Master yearn for her day and night?

Su Luo paused and weakly asked: “Is she the woman in that portrait in Master’s small study?”

However, these words of Su Luo were simply like poking a hornet’s nest.

“What?! He went as far as to hang that cheap woman’s portrait in the small study? Repulsive! Hateful!” Fairy Yan Xia’s gaze was like an ignited inferno, and she coldly shot towards Su Luo: “Now I have changed my mind! You want to die, not so easy!”

Sure enough, it had provoked her……As long as she didn’t kill her outright on the spot, she would have a chance to escape.

At this moment, Su Luo was endlessly secretly happy in her heart.

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