DKC – Chapter 876

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Chapter 876 – Fairy Yan Xia (8)

It was not as if Li Yaoyao hadn’t thought of doing what Su Luo did before, cutting off the cyan-colored vine. However, the problem was that she did not have such a sharp dagger on her body, also, this cyan-colored vine was sturdy and unbreakable!

Immediately following after was another heavy sound that echoed.

Li Yaoyao was thrown onto the iron pillar of the iron cage.

Such a strong hit, but the iron cage didn’t even move a bit. There wasn’t even a bit of cave in at all.

What Li Yaoyao just said before was not wrong. Didn’t know what kind of material this iron cage was made from. If the person locked inside wanted to cut the iron bar to escape, this matter would be impossible.

Su Luo placated the Acacia Tree.

As a result, having successfully accomplished its goal, the Acacia Tree cheerfully danced around Su Lio in a circle. Only then did it happily return into her space.

Su Luo had her arms crossed and arrogantly looked down at Li Yaoyao, who had been tossed on to the floor: “If you had said it earlier, wouldn’t it be better? Then, you need not have suffered this physical pain.”

Li Yaoyao’s hands were clenched into tight fists by her side, every blue vein on the back of her hand had popped out.

Abominable, hateful!

She bit her back teeth and fiercely glared at Su Luo.

“Su Luo, in the end, what kind of sin did I beget in my previous life, so that I would actually encounter you in this lifetime! Why do you have to vie for things with me every time!” If you ask Li Yaoyao who she hated the most in this lifetime, Su luo was entirely worthy of being ranked first in her heart.

Su Luo faintly sighed and looked at her: “Li Yaoyao, I think you are mistaken about one thing.”

Staring at Li Yaoyao’s pair of beautiful eyes, Su Luo’s complexion became cold. She stretched out her hand to count: “First, it was always you who vied for things with me, and not me who contested matters with you. Second, it was always you who provoked me, and not me who provoked you. Third, since you wanted me dead, then why would I not fight for things with you?”

“As a result, before you blame others, first think about what you yourself have done!” Su Luo’s eyes were cold and tyrannical.

The Jade Lake’s family had pursued her relentlessly, then struck at her and continuously chased to kill her. If it weren’t for her lifeline being long, then she would have already died. How could she have lived till today?

A cold light condensed in Li Yaoyao’s eyes: “I vie for things with you, provoked you and chased to kill you, so what? I am the Jade Lake’s Li family’s princess, and you are only mud on the ground. Just based on you, this kind of mud, think you are fit to fight over things with me?”

Su Luo looked at her in contempt. The corner of her mouth raised into a mocking smile: “Then what about now? You, this noble princess, aren’t you being stepped on under my foot by me, the soft mud, right now?”

Su luo extended a feet and sneeringly stepped on Li Yaoyao’s abdomen.

This posture was extremely arrogant.

“You stole my Third Senior Brother, stole my master Rong Yun, I will kill you! I will definitely kill you!!!” How could Li Yaoyao endure having her body stepped on by someone? This was simply too shameful and humiliating.

She secretly vowed in her heart: Even if she died, she would drag Su Luo down to be buried with her!

“If they really liked you, and had set their mind on you, how could others have stolen them away?” Su Luo used a sympathetic gaze to look at her, “Let alone, from the beginning, they never belonged to you.”

“No, it was you who stole them away, it was you that stole them!” Li Yaoyao screamed loudly in a crazed manner.

“That’s you believing in your own lies, and your own wishful thinking.” Su Luo repeatedly cruelly struck at her psychologically.

Su Luo was not a saint, if others harmed her and asked her to be magnanimous and generous.

Her heart had always not been that big, whoever dared to provoke her one third of a meter, then she would pay them back ten times by three meters.

She and Li Yaoyao were already at the point of no return. Now, she had an opportunity, naturally she must demand back some of these debt as well.

Just when the two of them were in the midst of quarreling ceaselessly, the sound of ice-cold footsteps came from the spiral staircase.

Su Luo cast aside Li Yaoyao, her gaze going towards the place where the sound came from.

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