DKC – Chapter 668

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Chapter 668 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (9)

“Then what about last night? Don’t tell me that poison…..” Su Zian’s complexion became gloomy and frightening.

“Last night…….Last night, the Jade Lake’s fairy personally came, saying that the Gigantic Eight-legged Scorpion’s poison was not difficult to cure. As long as Su Manor tied up Su Luo, that loathsome girl, and delivered her to the Jade Lake’s Li family, they naturally would deliver the Celestial Spirit Water. At that time, Jingyu would have no problems…..” Madam Su told the truth.

Right now, Su Zian was leaning on one side with an indeterminate mood, enigmatically. No one could possibly understand what he was thinking.

Su Luo looked at Madam Su, a cynical expression flashing through her eyes. But her face only looked like a person who had been wronged: “Honorable Mother, you really hate me this much? In order for you to be rid of me, this thorn on your side, this thorn in your flesh, you didn’t even hesitate to gamble with Big Brother’s life…….Honorable Mother, don’t tell me that in your heart, killing me is more important than Big Brother’s life?”

Su Zian, with one hand, lifted up Madam Su: “Don’t spout rubbish! Clearly, all of this is an evil scheme set up by you, stop falsely accusing others!”

The Jade Lake’s Li family…….Su Zian knew that he could not afford to offend them. As a result, this black pot could only be shouldered by Madam Su.

But, Madam Su hadn’t realized Su Zian’s thoughts. She anxiously shouted loudly: “It really is the Jade Lake’s fairy, it really is her! Last night, it was her, just a moment ago, it was also her! She held the Mighty Soul Grass and One Shot Silencer for me to choose! I really had no choice!

Apothecary Leng coldly smiled: “The Great General Su, your wife poisoned your son, and time after time, you came to invite this apothecary to treat the illness. Are you deliberately making sport of this apothecary?”

Su Zian, being mocked and ridiculed by Apothecary Leng like this, immediately, his heart was greatly alarmed. Soon after, a burst of fear attacked his thoughts.

That’s right, from Apothecary Leng’s point of view, this was deliberately being bothersome to him…

Before he finished speaking, Apothecary Leng flung his sleeves and walked away!

“Apothecary Leng, don’t be angry, you……” Su Zian hurriedly chased after him with large strides.

This……..What do you call this situation? With great difficulty, a relationship with Apothecary Leng was established through Su Xi. But, who would have known that cheap woman would go mad, and do this kind of thing. He wished he could choke her to death.

Apothecary Leng was clearly extremely angry, his strides were large and also very fast. Su Zian hurriedly chased after him, and with great difficulty, finally caught up. However, Apothecary Leng angrily flung him away.

“Xi’er, quick, quickly go and apologize to Apothecary Leng!” Now, as things stood, the only one who could save Jingyu was this honorable elder! Su Zian was so anxious that his entire head and face were full of sweat.

“Oh!” In fact, Su Xi was there all along, only, there was no sense of her existence there.

At this moment, being called out by Su Zian, even though her heart was somewhat at a loss, she still chased after Apothecary Leng, full of confidence.

Apothecary Leng treated her differently, he was unlikely to reject her, right? Su Xi’s heart thought like this.

Momentarily, the people inside the room had emptied out, there was only Su Luo left who could stand.

Su Jingyu laid on the bed half-dead, spitting out blood non-stop and continuously twitching, appearing to be extremely sinister.

The poison in Madam Su’s body had also begun to take effect. She suddenly thrashed, after a short interval, she thrashed again.

Because she was heavily kicked several times by Su Zian before, Madam Su was already close to dying. Adding in the poison that was breaking out, now, her entire person cut an extremely sorry figure.

Seeing her cutting such a sorry figure and fallen to the floor in disarray, Su Luo squatted down and was all smiles as she looked at Madam Su.

Madam Su very fiercely glared at Su Luo.

At this moment, the smile of victory at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth was just the opposite of Madam Su’s shameful performance, making her extremely angry.

Su Luo leaned close to Madam Su’s ear, in a low voice,she said a sentence: Actually, the black-clothed person just now, was me.

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