DKC – Chapter 666

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Chapter 666 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (7)

When he saw Su Jingyu’s appearance start to darken, he suddenly had a very bad premonition.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Su Jingyu’s entire body actually started to shudder and convulse. His veins stuck out as if about to explode, seeming very malevolent.

Su Zian was so anxious that he shouted out loud: “Apothecary Leng, Apothecary Leng, in the end, what is going on? What is wrong with Jingyu?”

Apothecary Leng walked forward a few steps and started to feel Su Jingyu’s pulse.

At this time, Madman Su’s complexion became pale, she was unable to suppress her entire body from trembling.

Her heart ached and she was also scared, she simply dared not continue to watch.

Her tears flowed violently. Other people would only say that she loved her son with a pure heart, so they did not think in any other direction.

Speaking of Apothecary Leng, now, his forehead was wrinkled into the character “川”. His gaze had ignited into a raging flame.

He abruptly turned his head, in a rage, he glared at Madam Su: “In the end, what did you feed him?”

A trace of astonishment flashed through Madam Su’s heart. She didn’t know how much Apothecary Leng could see through.

As a result, Madman Su could only continuously shake her head, retreating backwards. She kept crying until she could not say a single word.

Su Zian was sensitive enough to perceive the fishiness of the situation. He frowned and stared at Madam Su: “In the end, what is going on? Could it be that you really fed Jingyu something?”

“It’s Mighty Soul Grass!” Apothecary Leng approached Su Jingyu’s mouth, slightly sniffed it a bit, and firmly said: “This is precisely Mighty Soul Grass, no mistake!”

Su Zian’s entire face was full of doubt and also carried nervousness: “This Mighty Soul Grass……what is it actually?

Apothecary Leng did not feel like paying him any attention and directly snorted. He pointed to Madam Su and said: “Ask her!”

Madam Su’s back was now pressed against the wall, she had nowhere else to retreat.

Su Zian walked in front of her with two to three steps, and very fiercely glared at her: “Quickly speak! In the end, what kind of stuff is Mighty Soul Grass, why did you feed it to Jingyu! WHY?!

Apothecary Leng being angered to this point, was sufficient to illustrate the seriousness of the situation.

However now, Madam Su was feeling guilty, fear and dread……all kinds of feelings washed over her. Her mind changed and became stupid because of these emotions.

“I don’t know…….don’t know…….” Madman Su’s tears kept dropping down.

Apothecary Leng snorted several times: “If you won’t say it, then I will say it for you. This Mighty Soul Grass, its most terrible effect is on the cartilage! Especially if it’s the body of a person in poor health, after eating Mighty Soul Grass, the entire body’s bones will soften. If he ever wants to stand again, it’s already impossible!”

“No——this is not true, this is not true!” Madam Su was frightened to a stop by Apothecary Leng’s words.

She lost her head out of fear and threw herself to kneel in front of Apothecary Leng: “It’s not, it should not be like this. She said this poison is not fatal…..”

What Madam Su inadvertently blurted out, she, herself, was still not aware of it.

Su Zian heard it clearly. He advanced forward with a huge step and grabbed onto Madman Su’s back collar in one move. His pair of eyes were so enraged that they nearly shot out flames: “She said this poison is not fatal? Who is she? Quickly speak!”

“I……I……” Madam Su dared not say.

Jade Lake’s fairy’s background was so huge, if she was to confess, at that time, it would not only be Jingyu, even Xi’er would be…….

Only now did Madman Su truly understand the meaning of staying with a tiger to seek its skin. And understood the meaning of getting on a boat is easy, but getting off is hard.

“SPEAK!!!!” Su Zian’s fingers were like steel pliers, pinching Madam Su’s neck and lifting up her entire body, such that both her feet was lifted from the ground.

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