DKC – Chapter 664

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Chapter 664 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (5)

Su Zian suddenly came to a realization and hurriedly looked towards Apothecary Leng: “Will directly feeding this to him be fine?”

Apothecary Leng gave a slight snort: “Yeah.”

Ever since Su Luo brought out the bottle of Celestial Spirit Water, Madam Su hadn’t said a single sentence. She rigidly stood on the side with a very stiff complexion.

Seeing Su Zian personally feed Su Jingyu the Celestial Spirit Water, an awkward and difficult expression flashed across her face.

Could it be the scheme they had arranged with great difficulty would be destroyed by a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water that this loathsome girl had brought out? Her heart was unreconciled, definitely would not be reconciled!

Recalling the black-clothed person from yesterday, Madam Su irritably clenched her fist tightly: What should she do?

Madam Su tried to think of a way, but could not think of a method, so she could only watch as Su Zian fed the medicine to Su Jingyu.

After he finished feeding him, Su Jingyu’s originally ugly complexion gradually started to recover.

“It’s not advisable to be so noisy in the sickroom, let us all go out. Only need to leave Madam Su here to attend to him, is enough.” Apothecary Leng took the lead and stepped out of the room.

These words were an exact fit to Madam Su’s intentions, one could only see her nod her head and hurriedly say: “You can be at ease and leave, this place still has me.”

Su Luo’s foot that was about to step over the doorstep paused slightly. She turned her eyes around and took a glance at Madam Su. At this moment, Madam Su’s eyes were also looking at Su Luo.

Su Luo neither dodged nor avoided her gaze. The corner of her indistinct and bottomless eyes, were raised into an enigmatic smiling expression.

Madam Su was distracted momentarily by her smile.

However, she could not understand the meaning in Su Luo’s eyes. She only knew that Su Luo was pretending to be a model while causing mischief behind the scenes.

The pitiful Madam Su, now, if she could give it more thought, maybe the tragedy after this would not have occurred.

Speaking of which, after Apothecary Leng and the others had left. There were only two people, Madam Su and Su Jingyu, left inside the room.

Madam Su sat at the bedside, tenderly wiping away the sweat on Su Jingyu’s forehead. With a soft tone, she slowly said: “Jingyu, I have let you suffer hardship. Please do not blame your mother, your mother was also left with no choice.”

Su Jingyu lay there motionless, both eyes closed tightly, having sank into a deep coma.

Madam Su still wanted to say something, but a slight sound came from outside the window.

Madam Su alertly raised her eyes, but only felt her eyes become slightly dazzled. When she looked again, she discovered a black-clothed person standing in front of her.

Her entire body was shrouded in a black robe, even her face was covered by a black cloth.

However, looking at the detailed and exquisite curves, Madam Su, in one glance, judged that this was a woman. As a result, Madam Su subconsciously connected her to the black-clothed person from last night.

“What do you want to do?” Seeing the black-clothed person slowly approach closer step-by-step, an alarmed expression flashed through Madam Su’s eyes.

The black-clothed person’s eyes had a sneer in its depths: “Madam Su, things have already reached this stage, what are you afraid of?”

“What exactly do you want to do!” Madam Su blocked in front of Su Jingyu, her face revealing a terrified expression.

At this moment, Madam Su was extremely regretful.

Su Jingyu was her only son, seeing him being tormented by poison time and time again, her motherly instincts and heart were simply crying blood.

If she had known earlier that her son would receive this much suffering, then, no matter what, she would not have agreed to this plan.

The black-clothed person smiled coldly and sinisterly, then gave Madam Su the poison: “Feed it to him.”

“What is this…..” Madam Su was so anxious that she instantly shook her head.

“Rest assured, the poison will not kill him. But it will drag Su Luo, that loathsome girl, into troubled waters!” the black-clothed person seeing Madam Su continuously shake her head, smiled sinisterly before taking out another bottle of pitch-black liquid medicine. She swept it past under Madam Su’s nose.

That pungent smell made Madam Su’s face suddenly go pale: “This is One Shot Silencer?”

One Shot Silencer, as the name implied, by just drinking a mouthful, the person’s soul would be taken to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss (1).


1) Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, aka underworld, world of the dead. Or whatever you call the place where your soul goes after death 🙂

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