DKC – Chapter 658

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Chapter 658 – Crafty plots and machinations (9)

Grandmaster Rong Yun, was formerly one of the few Master level Apothecaries on the continent. Recently, news had spread that this Master Apothecary had unexpectedly broken through to Grandmaster Apothecary.

Once this news came out, immediately, the entire continent became fervent.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s background was extremely mysterious, and he did not belong to any sect. As a result, many sects wished to invite him in so they could rise in prestige.

However, Grandmaster Rong Yun was not only at the summit of refining medicines, but was also strong in martial arts. As for how strong he was, nobody knew.

“When Second Uncle received the news, it said that Grandmaster Rong Yun will arrive in the imperial capital in only a few days. Before he arrives, we must first dispose off that loathsome girl.” Li Yaoxiang coldly snorted.

When Madam Su saw the black-clothed person in front of her, her lips trembled slightly.

After all, she was standing on the weaker side since the beginning when she decided to cooperate with the Jade Lake’s Li family.

“Feed this to him.” the black-clothed person said coldly.

“What is this?” Madam Su’s complexion was aghast, a trace of fear appearing in her heart.

“You should feel assured, he won’t die.” the black-clothed person looked at Madam Su’s deathly white appearance, the corner of his mouth flashing a mocking expression.

“Are you certain there will be no problems?” At this very moment, Madam Su’s heart was somewhat regretful.

She regretted that in a moment of impulse, she had agreed to the Jade Lake’s Li family’s proposal.

From the beginning, they also said that Jingyu would not meet with a mishap, but when she saw Jingyu spat out mouthful of blood over and over. It was as if her entire heart was being gripped tightly.

“Madam Su, now we are on the same boat, you already lost the opportunity to jump ship.” a cold smile flashed through the black-clothed person’s eyes, “This medicine will not kill anybody, however it will force Su Luo to kneel in front of our Li Manor’s gates. Because only the Jade Lake’s Li family has the antidote.”

Madam Su grinded her teeth saying: “Okay!”

The black-clothed person did not lie to her, now she already does not have a way out. She could only brace herself to move forward.

However luckily the the prospects up ahead were bright.

As long as she could eliminate Su Luo that loathsome girl, then Su Manor would return to its former tranquil days. Her children would not be harmed by her.

The black-clothed person, was also the Jade Lake fairy. Her gaze swept a glance at Su Jingyu, who was lying on the bed. The corner of her mouth raised into a mocking arc. She turned around and jump out the window and very quickly disappeared into the night.

Madam Su looked on the bed at Su Jingyu whose complexion had returned to peacefulness, bit her teeth and approached him: “Jingyu, this plan you have also agreed to…..good child, you just need to endure a bit more, and very soon you will be fine…..”

Madam Su pried open Su Jingyu’s mouth, and poured the black liquid medicine inside the porcelain bottle into Su Jingyu’s mouth.

The medicine entered his mouth and for a very long time there was no reaction. Only then did Madam Su feel slightly relieved.

Only after disposing of the porcelain bottle did she return to her room to rest.

Early morning of the second day.

Su Zian had woken up very early. He had finished freshening up and was about to go to morning court. Just at this moment an unexpected bitter yell echoed in Su Manor!


A mournful yelling sound broke the darkness and serenity of dawn. The lamps in the entire Su Manor were light up in succession.

Su Zian was able to discern that this sound originated from Su Jingyu’s courtyard. How could he even think about morning court. He took large strides to walked towards that courtyard.

When he had walked near, he could smell a burst of stink coming from inside.

In large strides, he step over the doorsteps and saw Su Jingyu currently sitting on the bed with his head lowered and vomiting

Su Zian distressingly walked up with quick steps: “Jingyu, you are awake? How do you feel now?

However, the moment Su JIngyu raised his head, Su Zian with ‘thump thump thump’ sounds retreated three steps. His entire face was colored in astonishment.

“You….you….you…..your face?”

Now, Su Jingyu’s face that was still rosy from yesterday.

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  1. akosixoy says:

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