DKC – Chapter 648

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Chapter 648 – Dispute in a love triangle (13)

“Yes, you didn’t personally do it! But if it was not because of you, if you were not trying to snatch His Highness Prince Jin away from the Jade Lake’s fairy, Older Brother would not have ended up in his current situation!”

Not waiting for Su Luo to ask, Su Xi continued to talk non-stop: “On the road back from school, Older Brother was ambushed. Those people beat Older Brother until he was black and blue, and even left behind some words.”

Su Xi gnashed her teeth as she glared at Su Luo: “Su Luo, you know what they said? They said, such lowly person, don’t even think about getting a treasure they cannot obtain. Otherwise, this is only the beginning!”

Su Xi was cursing and crying at the same time: “Aren’t their words obvious enough? Su Luo, it’s all you! It’s all because you seduced His Highness Prince Jin and provoked the Jade Lake’s fairy’s anger, thus resulting in such a disaster! You are delivering our entire Su Manor into hell, Su Luo, you are simply too terrible!”

Faced with Su Xi’s condemnation, Su Luo was indifferent.

Admittedly, the Jade Lake’s Li family wasn’t good, don’t tell me the Su family was any better? Having lived in Su Manor for many years, Su Luo had personally experienced this.

Could get the Jade Lake’s Li family to help deal with the Su family, Su Luo’s heart didn’t have enough time to even be happy, so why would she feel guilty?

But, on her face, she should at least assume some worry.

A deep line of worry flashed through Su Luo’s forehead: “Then, what about Older Brother, is he gravely injured?”

“Of course it’s grave! He almost died! The imperial physician said he had no way to treat him. If you want to save Older Brother, you have to be able to invite an Elite Apothecary!”

The more Su Xi spoke, the angrier she became. The angrier she got, the more she glared at Su Luo.

How could the Su Manor be able to invite over an Elite Apothecary?

Su Luo was very clear about the levels for an Apothecary.

From the bottom to top it was divided as Elementary Apothecary, Intermediate Apothecary, Advance Apothecary, Elite Apothecary, Master Apothecary, Grandmaster Apothecary, until finally reaching the immortal status of Divine Apothecary level.

But, on this continent, Apothecaries were extremely rare. Normally, even an elementary or intermediate Apothecary’s haughtiness had already soared to the skies. There were basically no Advanced Apothecaries, let alone the existence of an Elite Apothecary?

However, Su Luo had a person she could choose in mind.

That person just so happened to be an Elite Apothecary, however, wanting to invite him over was not an easy task with regards to Su Manor.

Su Xi didn’t know that at this moment, Su Luo had thought of so much, and she merely glared at Su Luo: “Quickly, you go tell His Highness Prince Jin, that you will not be with him, quickly go!”

Even though she had eaten a lot of losses in front of Su Luo, Su Xi was still that arrogant, bossy and despotic, the fifth Miss Su.

Su Luo smiled indifferently: “If you want to go, then go. People come, see the visitor out!”

“Su Luo, you, this slut——” Before she could finish her sentence, a black shadow flashed by, and another sharp claw that was faster than lightning scratched towards Su Xi’s face.

“Ahh——” A bitter yell burst out from Su Xi’s mouth, and blood started to fill the air, tumbling down drop by drop, seemingly extremely horrifying.

Su Luo held the little divine dragon who had returned to take credit. She held him with one hand and used the other to reward him by stroking his head.

Su Xi had eaten such a loss, how could she be willing to give up? She was just about to order people to rush up.

However the people dressed in black that originally disappeared without a trace, once again appeared noiselessly. Each and every one of them carried a murderous aura with a ghostly appearance, their expressionless faces staring fixedly at Su Xi.

How ruthless were their methods, Su Xi had seen it with her own eyes. Therefore, her feet that were moving forward, were suddenly unable to move. For a moment, she didn’t know what she ought to do.

“Get lost.” Su Luo smiled lightly, casting a side glance at Su Xi whose entire face was full of indignation.

Matters in the world were fickle. It had changed really fast.

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