DKC – Chapter 586

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Chapter 586 – The deed to Southern Mountain (4)

Having heard what was said, Liu Ruohua coldly smiled: “It turned out that up until now, His Highness Prince Jin hasn’t told you. Looks like you are not that great in his heart.”

Su Luo smiled faintly: “You can choose not to say, but the consequences of not talking——”

Su Luo waved that thin deed in her hand, sweeping her with a disdainful glance: “Your Liu family that are cultivating on Southern Mountain is not only you guys, right.”

Liu Ruohua furiously glowered towards Su Luo: “Are you threatening me?”

The Liu family spent a huge amount of money to rent a very small piece of land and build a little courtyard. The elites from Liu family were cultivating inside there, was she threatening to drive all of them out?

“You can also think of it that way.” Su Luo smilingly nodded her head.

Liu Ruohua clenched her fists tightly, silently enduring the rage that filled her heart. She clenched her teeth, rigidly glaring at Su Luo.

But Su Luo was still smiling carefreely, smilingly looking at her.

“Fine! You win!” Liu Ruohua coldly replied and said to Su Luo, “You should go find a person called Wang Laoqi. He will tell you everything you want to know!”

“Naturally, His Highness Prince Jin also knows this person.” Liu Ruohua furiously sent Su Luo a glare. Panting in rage, she then turned around and was just about to leave.

But Su Luo frowned and called out to halt her.

“What happened to your hand?” In fact, in the beginning, she had already noticed it, merely, she didn’t have an opportunity to ask.

She clearly remembered, at that time, in a small town outside of the Sunset Mountain Range, Liu Ruohua’s hand was directly cut off by Nangong. At that time, the blood flowed non-stop and she nearly died tragically.

Also, it was not limited to Liu Ruohua, when Liu Chengfeng was at Prince Jin’s Royal Manor, his hand was personally cut off by her.

But now, this pair of sibling’s hands actually grew out a new one. Their movements were smooth and looked intact, this really surprised her.

“Seeing we aren’t lacking an arm or leg, very regretful, right? Very shocked, right? Humph!” Liu Ruohua raised her chin, full of self-satisfaction. She even deliberately extended out the wrist that was once cut off and demonstrated it in front of Su Luo’s face by shaking it.

Today, in front of Su Luo, she become too sulky and now felt that there was one matter that was deserve some raised eyebrows to blow off some steam. How could she let this opportunity go?

“Cut-off limbs can still regenerate?” Su Luo doubtfully frowned. Why was it she hadn’t heard of a cut-off limb growing back? In the end, what capable person helped the Liu family’s two siblings?

“Humph, you must have been eager for us siblings to be forever lacking an arm, right!”

Now, Liu Chengfeng’s cold eyes stared at Su Luo from the side, like a viper secretly hidden in the darkness, at anytime, was prepared to rush forward and take a bite.

“An ordinary Apothecary could not not heal this kind of having-a-hand-severed problem. Could it have been an Advanced Apothecary? But that’s not right, how was your Liu family able to invite an Advanced Apothecary?” Su Luo remained perplexed despite much thought.

Sure enough Liu Ruohua’s fundamental competitive trait burst out, and she sneered repeatedly: “Advanced Apothecary? Do you think an Advanced Apothecary could cure a cut-off hand? Dream on! I will tell you. Don’t say you, even His Highness Prince Jin would not necessarily be able to invite this Venerable elder.”

That was the legendary super powerful person. If said out loud, he was the kind that would scare Su Luo to death! Humph, don’t think that only you know powerful people, our Liu family is also capable!

“Someone even His Highness Prince Jin may not be able to invite and your Liu family successfully invited this person?” Su Luo disdainfully looked at her, the corner of her mouth rising derisively.

She didn’t believe it, that the Liu family could have this kind of capability. If they had this kind of capability, then they were unlikely to hide stealthily and come here to cultivate.

Liu Chengfeng coldly smiled: “ Elite Apothecary, Apothecary Leng, hehe, I’m afraid with your kind of status, basically could not have even heard of this Venerable person.”

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  1. Neko says:

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    Humph!” Liu Ruohua raised her chin, full of self-satisfaction. She even deliberately extended out the waist that was once cut off and demonstrated it in front of Su Luo’s face by shaking it.

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