DKC – Chapter 582

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Chapter 582 – Travelling to the Southern Mountains (5)

Consequently, Steward Wang, who had accepted Nangong Liuyun’s suggestion, after he returned, the first thing he would do would be gather everyone to change how they address her.

The concentrated spiritual energy in front of her made Su Luo feel too embarrassed to take it easy.

With Su Qing, this bomb, suspended above her forehead, Su Luo therefore had a greater feeling of pressure that repeatedly occurred.

Nangong Liuyun and her sat apart at both ends of the lawn. They started to circulate their spirit force to began cultivating.

Su Luo sat cross-legged with both eyes tightly closed. She was thoroughly immersed in cultivation, completely unaware of what this evening was.

She first cultivated the basics of her fire element.

Whereas the her in her space was constantly cultivating her space element.

Thanks to that piece of strange spirit rock, countless flames from the cave of flames were brought back to supply Su Luo with fire for her cultivation.

Last time, Su Luo broke through to the realm of the Flaming Spring. During these few days of cultivation, Su Luo could feel the faint signs of a breakthrough again.

Sure enough, after two weeks of cultivation, Su Luo successfully advances to the Flaming River stage.

The range that she could release her flames in, compared to the Flaming Spring, was five times as large.

The her in her space was also not idle.

Last time. in the battle with Su Qing, she accidentally comprehended the second layer of the Great Dimensional Imprint, the nothingness of space.

But this nothingness of space was really too small, way too small.

Su Luo saw the jade piece the Venerable Divine Dragon had given her, nothingness of space was demonstrated inside it. It was so vast as to be limitless, to the point of nearly being an independent world.

In this independent world, the Venerable Divine Dragon was just like a king. Just like a ruler, he could control the speed and gravity of this space.

But Su Luo’s nothingness of space right now was small as the size of her embracing arms. Additionally, she was unable to do anything at all in it.

She had offended so many people, just one Li family, and she was unable to guard against them.

This jade piece, who knew when it would be needed to save her life once. Therefore, Su Luo decided to use everything to finish studying all the cultivation methods inside this jade piece.

The time of cultivation passed very quickly, when Su Luo opened her eyes again, the color of the sky faintly shone with the dawn.

At her side, Nangong Liuyun sat cross-legged, both eyes tightly closed, as if his cultivation was at a critical juncture.

Su Luo didn’t disturb him, she got up quietly to walk out.

The early morning air was especially good, Su Luo had both hands behind her as she unhurriedly strolled in the courtyard.

Suddenly, she discovered that the surroundings seemed to have a trace of movement.

She carefully listened and found that the sound was coming from outside the wall.

A soft, constant breathing sound, it ought to belong to humans, moreover, it was also not alone.

Su Luo was bewildered.

So early in the morning, who would appear at the foot of this wall? The more she thought, the more puzzled she became. Su Luo whirled her body and rose, landing gracefully on the top of the wall.

Sure enough, underneath the wall sat two people.

One man and one woman.

When she saw these two individuals, Su Luo immediately laughed.

Su Luo did not have many acquaintances in this different world, yet she was quite familiar with both of these individuals.

“Hey, you two people, what are you doing here?” Su Luo sat on top of the wall, unhurriedly swaying her legs, watching these two people with a ghost of a smile.

“You——How is it you are here?” In the hazy morning light, Liu Ruohua was just engrossed in her cultivation and didn’t expect to be woken by someone.

She raised her eyes to look and saw a woman sitting on the wall who made her gnash her teeth in hatred. She was watching her, full of interest.

Liu Ruohua then exploded with a loud shout on the spot.

Liu Ruohua’s voice, immediately roused Liu Chengfeng who was equally immersed in his cultivation.

He opened his eyes, and when he saw Su Luo, a trace of fury flashed through his eyes.

“Do you know where this is? You actually have the guts to appear at the top of the wall!” Su Luo still hadn’t questioned them yet and Liu Ruohua had already showered her with a long speech.

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