DKC – Chapter 583

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Chapter 583 – The deed to Southern Mountain (1)

Liu Ruohua had just finished speaking when the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a ridiculing arc.

This was really amusing, to actually go this far to ask her. Pitifully, they still didn’t know, now, the entire Southern Mountain were all Su Luo’s.

However, without waiting for Su Luo to speak, Liu Chengfeng on the side immediately followed to say furiously: “Loathsome girl, such great nerve, just based on your status, can also sit on this wall?”

Su Luo couldn’t help but feel this was laughable.

Currently, she was this courtyard’s real owner, and they still said she didn’t even have the opportunity to sit at this end of the wall? This was really amusing.

Su Luo also didn’t tell them the actual situation, the corner of her eyes had a careless smile: “Oh, why is it I can’t sit on this end of the wall? Could it be that this belongs to your family residence?”

“If it belonged to our family’s residence, then you could still sit a little, but here is…” The corner of Liu Ruohua’s mouth hooked into a ridiculing sneer, “This is His Highness Prince Jin’s courtyard! You behaving like this, is simply courting death!”

Liu Ruohua thought Su Luo had stealthily snuck into the palace and would have a very guilty conscience. From the bottom of her heart, she believed that Su Luo would be afraid, but instead, she saw Su Luo was still sitting at the end of the wall, unperturbed. Her pair of legs was swinging back and forth; she looked extremely undisciplined.

An angry expression flashed through her eyes!

His Highness Prince Jin hated the most when other people touched his stuff, if he knew…suddenly, Liu Ruohua’s complexion darkened.

It was because she suddenly recalled the buzz of news that spread throughout the capital about Su Qing and Su Luo’s duel. At that time, His Highness Prince Jin led Su Luo by the hand to fly over, and that was on top of what she saw at the Sunset Mountain Range…

Su Luo looked at them with a ghost of a smile: “Finally realized it after thinking it through?”

Liu Ruohua’s face become cold: “His Highness treats you pretty well, to actually bring you here.”

Both of Su Luo’s hands were braced at the end of the wall, with her eyes lifted towards the east, gazing at the rising sun. Only after a long time did she carelessly cast a glance at them, “Naturally, but unlike you guys. All said, you guys are still the children of influential family, to have no choice but to hide in the corner of someone else’s wall to stealthily cultivate. Isn’t it humiliating?”

Liu Ruohua was caught on the spot, her face betrayed an embarrassed expression. With a stiff face, she unyieldingly said: “What do you know? This place has the most concentrated spiritual energy on the entire Southern Mountains. If we don’t cultivate here, then where else would we cultivate?”

“Inside ah.” Su Luo’s slender finger pointed to the position where the rock garden and the waterfall was.

Liu Ruohua sneered tauntingly: “Are you deliberately trying to cause our death? His Highness Prince Jin’s door, is it for anyone who wants to enter, then can enter?”

Su Luo spread out her hand. “It’s me ah. Aren’t I an example of wanting to enter and just entered?”

It was merely a little courtyard, they would actually fear it this much. Really, weren’t they making a big fuss over a minor issue? Was Nangong Liuyun this scary? Why was it that in her eyes, he was just like a never-having-grown-up, rotten child that loved to act shamelessly and also throw tantrums?

Su Luo’s words were really infuriating, and her manner was also really annoying. Having heard what she said, immediately, Liu Ruohua was infuriated to the point of idiocy.

“If I can let you guys come in, can you answer a question for me?” Su Luo smilingly watched Liu Ruohua.

Since after returning from the Sunset Mountain Range, she was always busy with all kinds of things. She actually delayed the most important thing.

“You can let me in? Dream on!” Liu Ruohua gave voice to a sneer, “You want to cause our deaths, then directly say so, don’t hold back like this.”

“Hey, I say, why do you guys feel so inferior? Isn’t it merely just entering a courtyard? How can it be related to a life-and-death situation?” Su Luo really could not understand, how could this courtyard have any relationship to a life-and-death situation.

“Feeling inferior? It’s because you are too ignorant!” Liu Ruohua glared at Su Luo: “You don’t even know of His Highness Prince Jin’s taboos, how did you live up till now at his side?”

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      All of these taboos lead to pain or death.

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