DKC – Chapter 570

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Chapter 570 – Temper tantrum appeased (8)

His eyes turned to watch Su Luo’s leaving rear view, muttering to himself, “A person worthy of being fancied by His Highness, even her cooking skills are extraordinary. Her other skills are probably even more spectacular…”

Su Luo was completely unaware of the resulting sensation she caused, She merely carried the food container, unhurriedly walking towards the manor wing where Nangong Liuyun slept.

She had already apologized softly and personally washed her hands to make him soup. The matter from this time, ought to pass like this right?

When she entered, he was just calmly reclining on the soft couch, with one hand supporting his forehead. He gave off a languid and worn out feeling.

“Hungry right? Quickly, come and drink some congee.” Su Luo put down the food container, took out the steaming hot, threaded chicken congee and the whitebait fish soup and reached out a hand to invite Nangong Liuyun.

However, Nangong Liuyun only unhurriedly looked at her, then looked to the sky. His lips curled up, and righteously and confidently said: “Not eating.”

This really was the temperament of a child, now he was peeved at her?

Su Luo was helpless and took steps to approach him, pulling him up: “You are not allowed to act so peevish, come have a taste of my skills. I guarantee that you have never tasted such delicious food in your life.”

It was not Su Luo being boastful. So extravagantly using the spirit spring water to make soup, it was only her, there still really was no other.

Being dragged in front of the table by the arm by Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun disdainfully glared at the simple food dishes: “Is this stuff edible? You will just use this to appease me?”

“Hey, give you a little color and you still actually opened a dye shop. Nangong Liuyun, I say, enough is enough, alright.” Su Luo ladled half a bowl of congee without leave and then passed him a spoon, “Hurry, drink the congee first while it is hot.”

“Not drinking.” Nangong Liuyun disagreeably turned his head away, tell him to drink and he would drink, was there really such a cheap matter?

“You have not eaten for an entire day and night, There are internal injuries and also external wounds, how can you endure it if you don’t eat something? Be good, quickly drink up, I used up a lot of energy to brew it. This is all good stuff.” Su Luo used a nice tone and cheerful attitude to coax him.

But the temperamental big child was simply unreasonable, one could only see his head raise and a pair of black eyes burningly stare at Su Luo: “You really want me to eat it?”

“That’s only natural, you must eat it for me!” Su Luo’s words were righteous and upright.

“Then good.” Nangong Liuyun’s black ink, star-like eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo, righteously and full of conviction, he said: “You feed me, then I will eat. Otherwise, I won’t eat it.”

Su Luo helplessly laid down the porcelain bowl, “Why is it you don’t take care of your body like this? Beichen and them are all concerned about you.”

“Then, are you concerned about me?” Nangong Liuyun’s gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo, it was serious and grave.

Su Luo: “…..”

Under his watching burning gaze, Su Luo wanted to say something, but hesitated. A long while later, she held up the bowl: “Fine, I feed you, then I will feed you, come, open your mouth.”

Unexpectedly, it was as if Nangong Liuyun squeezed into a dead end. He stubbornly stared at Su Luo, stressing each word, said: “Then. Are. You. Concerned. About. Me?”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly, her eyes stared determinedly at him, and a little indignantly, she said: “Am I an idiot? I personally made soup for you. If this is not called concern, then what is it called? Have you ever seen me cook for any other person? Is my pair of hands only used to make food? You can be the first person to taste my skills, if you are not going to eat, then forget it.”

Su Luo stood up, holding the bowl and utensils, and was just about to put it back into the food container. Don’t want to eat, then don’t eat, consider her good intentions wasted.

“What are you doing!” Nangong Liuyun grabbed the food protectively, blocking Su Luo from getting near it, “These are all mine, you are not allowed to touch! Let go.”

This nervous manner of Nangong Liuyun was just like a child protecting his food, childish and also cute.

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