DKC – Chapter 456

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Chapter 456 – Meeting one’s foe (8)

From day to night, then again, from night to the early morning, her mind had concentrated to a high degree and her speed had also risen to its extreme.

These made Su Luo somewhat unable to endure. She was tired. In the hazy moonlight, she felt a faint stabbing pain in her head.

Su Luo was suddenly startled awake.

Lying on her stomach on the dead tree, she faintly saw a piece of wood drifting towards her, that had a shadow on top of it.

Even though she couldn’t see it clearly, Su Luo nevertheless recognized that it was Li Aotian.

He was truly like a lingering ghost.

Su Luo secretly cursed in her heart.

What’s to be done? She also couldn’t stay on this dead tree. But as for escaping……She was afraid it also wouldn’t be that easy.

Su Luo raised her eye to survey all around.

The place was slightly similar to the Three Gorges (1), with steep cliffs on both sides, the precipice was like the blade of a knife. It was one gorge after another, forming pools like in the Yantze river, the water was rapid, practically in one breath’s time, it would push her very far.

She saw Li Aotian was just about to catch up to her.

Time was extremely pressing.

Su Luo couldn’t wait to think some more. She tore the lower part of her robe and placed it in a crevice of the dead tree, seeming as if it was there while not being there.

This way, it looked as if she was hidden under a branch.

Up ahead at the bend, in the blind spot from Li Aotian’s line of sight, Su Luo made a leaping jump. With one hand, she grabbed the root of a willow that extended out from a steep, overhanging cliff.

Su Luo’s body was as lithe as a swallow, borrowing the power of the willow branch to swing and jump. Again, in the blink of an eye, her figure had already disappeared.

She had already hidden herself in the branches with thick leaves at the top of an ancient tree.

Here, all around were all sheer cliffs, behind her was Li Aotian chasing to kill her. As long as she showed her face, he would catch sight of her. Therefore, Su Luo obediently stayed in that tree, hiding behind those lush, abundant branches and leaves.

Su Luo curled up her body, letting her physiological functions adjust to operate at its lowest state.

Her heart rhythm, blood circulation, breathing sounds and all her physiological functions, were all, without exception, constrained.

At this moment, her whole body was ice-,cold, stiff, like a snake in hibernation and almost lifeless.

She was gambling.

She was gambling that Li Aotian wouldn’t use his consciousness to search on top of the river, because to penetrate through water resistance was much harder compared to air.

Moreover, Li Aotian had just promoted to seventh rank, and his mental strength hadn’t reached the level needed to constantly supply him with the energy to trace her.

Li Aotain aggressively came over in pursuit to attack.

Indeed, as Su Luo expected, before, because searching the waterfall had wasted too much mental strength, so now, he didn’t use it again. Rather, he wholeheartedly urged the piece of wood to pursue at a fast speed, then he would attack.

Li Aotian’s gaze landed on top of that dead tree, originally, he didn’t care, but very quickly, his sharp gaze found that yellow color between the tree leaves.

If he didn’t remember it wrongly, Su Luo, that loathsome girl, was precisely wearing a yellow silk skirt.

Li Aotian’s heart immediately became ecstatic!

He hastened the wood beneath his feet to catch up with that dead tree at flying speed.

Consequently…Just like that, with bad luck, he passed right by where Su Luo was hiding in that ancient tree.

When he passed by, Su Luo’s eyes closed slightly, almost halting all of her physiological functions.

After all, the difference in her strength compared to Li Aotian’s was too great, if there was even the slightest of movement, he would be able to perceive the clue.

Therefore, Su Luo must be cautious and prudent.

But what made her very happy was that Li Aotian’s attention was attracted by that yellow cloth. He completely didn’t foresee that the real her was hidden within his reach in the periphery.

Li Aotian, lacking complete awareness, rushed forward, his speed was fast to an unimaginable state.

Seeing Li Aotian rush forward, afterwards, Su Luo slowly restored her body’s functions. She exercised her limbs a little, then began to leave this ancient tree.

Here, she had already left her scent, a difficult-to-erase trace.



1) Three Gorges, otherwise known as Yangtze (Yellow River) Gorges in China, is a beautiful scenic place with lots of places of historical importance along its banks, but the Three Gorges dam built on top of it has changed the environment of the Three Gorges by a lot.

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