DKC – Chapter 295

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Chapter 295 – To come knocking for a fight (12)

Now, Nangong Liuyun had a smile on his face, joyfully gazing at Su Luo.

His Luo girl was just like a magical treasure chest, normally silent, but at a crucial moment, would produce a treasure that would make a person’s eyes brighten. She really was a precious gem of a girl.

The person who felt the most stifled was Liu Chengfeng.

Just a moment ago, that Snow Blizzard Globe technique had nearly consumed all of his spirit power. Since he had firmly believed that it was capable of crushing his opponent, he had therefore extravagantly used his spirit power without holding any back. However now, the Snow Blizzard Globe technique was actually slapped into pieces by the opponent. This almost made him want to weep but lacking the tears.

Su Luo coldly laughed, “Ha ha, don’t have any spirit strength left, right? Let’s see how you can be arrogant now!”

Just as she finished speaking, Su Luo once more condensed a black, great Dimensional Imprint in mid-air. For a moment, its imposing manner towered majestically like a very large, blackish mountain pressing down from above Liu Chengfeng’s head.

Now, Liu Chengfeng’s expression quickly changed. He didn’t expect that the opponent could use this skill!

Liu Potian’s expression had also became unusually stiff. If this palm was to descend, Liu Chengfeng, who had consumed nearly all his spirit power. was simply incapable of withstanding it. Not only would his life be in danger, but he would also lose this fight!

This fight, the Liu family absolutely must not lose!

He had originally thought that it was a guaranteed win, and since Liu Potian resented the inconvenience, that was why he took out that piece of dark bronze plaque. He basically never thought that he would lose that bronze plaque.

That, however, was the Liu family’s most precious treasure, although the children from this generation in the Liu family didn’t have the aptitude to practice it. Still, only God knows if a surprisingly amazing person would appear in the next generation?

If the treasure was lost while in his hands, then how could you ask him to go and see the forefathers who established the Liu family?

Momentarily, Liu Potian’s pair of eyes emitted a sly light. Suddenly, with a shake of his sleeves, a little, emerald green, porcelain bottle shot directly towards Liu Chengfeng’s face.

Liu Chengfeng caught the little porcelain bottle, opened it and looked inside.

Elementary Spirit Restoration Pills! One piece was sufficient to restore ten percent of his spirit power! To the him right now, this was the best cure and most miraculous medicine.

When Liu Chengfeng saw the pill, immediately, his heart was elated. He took out a pill and swallowed it in his mouth, at the same time, he loudly sneered at Su Luo. “Ha ha ha, want to beat me? In your next life! Now, receive death!”

After he finished speaking, Liu Chengfeng then roared towards the sky. His black hair stood on its ends, and just as the great Dimensional Imprint was about to land, he focused all of his spirit strength into his right fist. He sent a huge fist towards the sky, momentarily, the earth shook with the sounds that echoed like the rumbling of drums!

Liu Chengfeng had ripped apart the great Dimensional Imprint with his bare hands!

“You cheated!” Su Luo pointed at Liu Chengfeng and angrily rebuked in a loud voice.

Liu Chengfeng smugly sneered: “During a fight, having the support of a spirit pet and using a panacea pill has always been reasonable and fair. If you have the ability, you can also use Spirit Restoration Pill. It’s a pity you don’t have it! Therefore, you loathsome boy, today you are toast!”

A sinister cold smile flashed through the depths of Liu Chengfeng’s eyes.

Just now, his Elder grandfather had given him a porcelain bottle and he had gauged that there were around five pills. Now that he had these Spirit Restoration Pills, if he still couldn’t beat his opponent to death, then he really must go jump into a river.

A cold smile flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, “Spirit Restoration Pill, is it? It is merely a few Elementary Spirit Restoration Pills, you really believe that on this earth, only you have it?” While Su Luo was speaking, she also fished out a white, jade porcelain bottle from her chest area. She poured out a single plump Spirit Restoration Pill.

“Ha ha ha——”Seeing the Spirit Restoration Pill lying in the center of Su Luo’s palm, Liu Chengfeng uncontrollably started to laugh uproariously, “Ha ha ha, really makes me die from laughter. You have the nerve to call that a Spirit Restoration Pill? It is probably a scrapped pill that some apprentice who hadn’t even entered the threshold of Apothecary refined by mistake and was picked up by you, right? Idiot, genuine Spirit Restoration Pill look like the ones I hold!”

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  1. Potion says:

    Thank you!

    • Potion says:

      First, wow!!! Lucky!
      And he hasn’t seen a true potion, ah the combination of Space & Apothecary is probably unheard of with that Celestial Spirit Water…not to mention teacher’s pot & the golden dragon!
      Not only do her pills outclass his, but she has more too~~
      Wondering if the next step after pills will be spirit beasts–ie., for him to finally see the might of her puppy and be like oh, shit! I wanted to do what to what? But then news about the puppy might leak out/be hinted at…and it looks like Liu P. survives enough to vomit blood & be bedridden for months according to prev. chapters so, the Lius aren’t wiped out (a pity, perfect chance for it)…

      I kinda want the fight to be over soon for NL to tell SL about Dimension Imprint though! And more pill making! Maybe he’ll give her the one of his place as his ‘wife’ to get ingredients so he can do closed door cultivation, thinking to stay one step ahead…

      • June says:

        The Dimensional imprint is from papa dragon even NL was surprised about this when she used it just now. You are right about him “giving” her a place…but that’s later, not exactly a gift.

        • Potion says:

          ***I mean I want NL to tell the history of Dimension Imprint from the human’s POV…ie., Liu P. said he heard about it before? Why were they surprised? Are there legends/lore what not? How does human society see it? (Kinda like how he told her about space mages).

          Since Daddy dragon was like, ‘Here, this is useful & btw learn it b4 you need my level of help or the instructions are gone,’ but not how humans of this world view it? For some reason, I was thinking it might be elated to space mages, but I guess not?

          Also curious if SL can learn stuff from the bronze plaque//the prerequisites for it & why the lil divine dragon wants it beyond being treasure? (Or does he just wants stuff as a hoard for the sake of having it? Or to eat XD? Is what’s his, hers & vice-versas? Kinda surprised/worried about him going after the crystals she just got, but maybe he knows better somehow?)

          • June says:

            I’m guessing based on Liu Potian’s age and what he said Dimensional Imprint is like an ancient legend or hearsay, since it’s been so long details gets lost with legends so Liu Potian does not know it’s a cultivation for space mages. (dragons live a looooong time) So yes Dimensional imprint is best for space mage I don’t think others can cultivate it.

            As to the plaque we’ll both find out later when she practice it (I don’t remember the details). As for Meng Meng he will sense any kind of treasure, cultivation methods to these people is a type of treasure and as a dragon what he can’t eat he hoard 🙂

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    Thank you!!

    Stupid Liu family. You are so screwed!

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    Haha…That ‘scrapped’ spirit restoration pills is more effective than what LC has.
    Thank you for translation.

    • unowno says:

      well he is right that pill is really an accidentally made pill by someone who was only trying out Apothecary. It made it accidentally more potent than the pills he has but still it is by accident. A very happy one 😀

      • Yuemitsuki says:

        Ups…you’re right. It is made when SL still trying…
        Luo girl really has a great luck..

        • June says:

          Like Su Luo said with Celestial Spirit water, Dragon’s fire and Zi Huo Cauldron she would be an idiot if she failed… So many rare material of course the pills would be more effective.

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    those might be pills made by that master apothecary she swindled lol

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    Thanks for the chapter, mate… but the padding in this story though.

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    Time for LC to “go jump in a river” already XD ??

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    She’s not a treasure chest, she’s a freaking mimic! Ahahaha
    Btw how you could log in here?

  8. ming says:

    Haha. As expected, Prince Jin is more and more in love. Being with her is like having a box full of many surprises. No one (including us reader) knows what she would have up in her sleeves.
    Now, Liu’s strength is almost gone. We may need to thank you for quickening his power depletion tho.
    Oops, I type and read at the same time. How could the two ugly hearts be this shameless? But then, SL can have her pill too. And I’m happy to read what will happen next to these two uglies.
    “If you have the ability, you can also use Spirit Restoration Pill. It’s a pity you don’t have it! Therefore, you loathsome boy, today you are toast!” — unfortunately, it took you two a day to come. Had the arrival been tomorrow, the result might have been different. How can 10% be compared with 20%??
    Eat more than one please. Maybe all. You can refine many more later.

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