DKC – Chapter 1779

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Chapter 1779 – Suddenly everything becomes clear (5)

It was also because of this jadelike soul essence’s value that wasn’t something humans could imagine.

In fact, even Jade Lake’d Li family, who was one of the top ten families, if their elder ancestor was to see this jadelike soul essence, he would jump up.

Now, this tree actually appeared in front of Nangong Liuyun, within reach. Moreover, there were no other people to fight over it with him, or to loot, this luck was simply too good.

If it was Su Luo standing in front of this tree, right now, she would have a countless amount of trouble. But changed to Nangong Liuyun, then these issues wouldn’t be any problem at all.

The leaves on the top of the human tree from antiquity were the biggest. It was also the leaves in this area that accumulated the jadelike essence.

After going through these areas of leaves, a very tiny drop of jadelike essence dripped down. It continued to flow down… directly until it reached the lowest leaves on the tree.

When it came together on the last area of leaves, the jadelike essence had gathered from sesame seed size to the size of a glutinous rice ball. Then, it rolled down to the ground and into that very small spirit pool.

This was the first time the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory and this maze was opened. No one knew how long it had existed, but it could be determined that before, no one had taken these jadelike soul essence.

Thus, these jadelike soul essence would accumulate in this deep pool. Now, looking at it, there was a very shallow pool of this essence.

If one only had a small bowl of it, the value was already unimaginable. But now, there was a full spirit pool of it! If it was someone else, they probably would have fainted on the spot right?

But this matter happened to Nangong Liuyun and he didn’t think much of it. His expression was calm as before, with a still peaceful complexion. Not a thread of waves could be seen between his brows.

Nangong Liuyun probed cautiously.

Because according to reason, such precious treasure was sure to have a spirit beast guarding it.

But now——

Nangong Liuyun shook his head, puzzled.

When he was about to take away a small bowl of jadelike soul essence, this tree, including everything around it, didn’t give a trace of resistance and reaction.

Moreover, no spirit beast rushed out to protect against and block him.

In the end, where did the problem occur? Nangong Liuyun could faintly feel a trace of strangeness.

In fact, how could Nangong Liuyun have imagined that this human tree from antiquity really did have a Saint level spirit beast protecting it. It was precisely that little thing that dragged Su Luo away.

But because in innumerable years, there wasn’t a single person that stepped foot in here, therefore, that little thing’s thoughts became lazy and simple. So that little thing, without any guard, went to play with Su Luo. Where would it still have the time to manage the things here. So, it was just this coincidence that Nangong Liuyun got the jadelike soul essence but lost news about Su Luo.

Nangong Liuyun couldn’t think of the twists and turns in it. Now, after he probed the surroundings and discovered he could easily take the jadelike soul essence away, he didn’t hesitate anymore. With a wave of his hand, he stuffed this entire pool of soul essence collected since antiquity into his space, making it easier to carry away.

It was also because Nangong Liuyun’s luck was very good. After entering this maze, he could sense the space bag that was locked, could once again be opened. So to carry away this pool of jadelike soul essence became a very easy thing.

Nangong Liuyun wasn’t a bit polite.

A whole spirit pool almost close to a hundred kilograms of jadelike soul essence. He didn’t leave a drop behind, taking it all away. Don’t know if when that Saint beast protector came out, it would cry until it fainted.

After Nangong Liuyun collected the jadelike soul essence, he turned and was about to leave. But before he walked several steps away, the corner of his wide sleeves was grasped by a person.

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