DKC – Chapter 1767

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Chapter 1767 – Won’t amount to a hill of beans

Dongfang Xuan stared unwaveringly at Su Luo, looking at the expression on her face, afraid of missing a thread of detail.

Su Luo leaned against the wall taking large breaths, but her face didn’t change a bit.

Time gradually passed and Su Luo’s face still didn’t change, and Dongfang Xuan’s worried heart also calmed down slowly.

In the end, Dongfang Xuan started to howl with laughter.

“Loathsome girl, looks like this bottle of medicine really is a good thing. Since it’s like this, then I’ll kindly accept it.”

While Dongfang Xuan howled with laughter, he stuffed the bottle into his chest pocket.

Su Luo’s brows slightly wrinkled where no one could see.

Seeing Su Luo’s expression was unaffected, Dongfang Xuan’s laughter became even more complacent.

“There are also other medicinal pills right? Take it all out!” Dongfang Xuan’s voice was deep and sinister, extending his evil clutches towards Su Luo.

“Other things? What other things do you want?” Su Luo’s brows were tightly knotted.

“Medicinal pills, crystal stones, and also the treasures you got from drawing prizes.” Dongfang Xuan seemed to be very familiar with this matter.

Su Luo coldly slanted him a glance.

She remembered that when she was drawing prizes in the first challenge, Dongfang Xuan wasn’t at the scene. It could be seen that Li Aochen must have told him.

“Going to give or not?” Dongfang Xuan smiled evilly, walking towards Su Luo, step by step. Then, he leaned over, looking down at her from above.

“If I said I won’t give it to you?” Su Luo smiled faintly, seemingly unconcerned.

Dongfang Xuan rubbed his chin and smiled coldly: “Don’t give? Then…” His lecherous gaze stared at Su Luo, full of deep meaning.

“What do you want to do?” Su Luo coldly slanted him a glance.

“Nothing, if you don’t give, I’m afraid your virginity…” While Dongfang Xuan smiled sinisterly, he also extended his claws.

“Dongfang Xuan you dare!” Su Luo somewhat anxiously yelled out loud.

“In here, there really isn’t anything that I Dongfang Xuan won’t dare to do.” Dongfang Xuan’s smile was demonically alluring and full of malice, “Didn’t you harm Yao Yao until her reputation was destroyed? Then I’ll let you taste this feeling!”

Just at this time, in Su Luo’s mind, came the little stone’s voice.

The little stone said a sentence, and this sentence seemed to reverse Su Luo’s predicament.

Su Luo pretended to panic and stuffed all the crystal stones and medicinal pills into Dongfang Xuan’s hand: “You want it, then take it. Take it all.”

Before she finished speaking, Su Luo’s figure quickly retreated backwards.

Dongfang Xuan saw Su Luo run away so quickly, a bad premonition suddenly appeared in his heart. But when he reacted, this matter was already too late.

Now, a thunderous snarl came from behind Dongfang Xuan.

Dongfang Xuan subconsciously turned his head back.

Afterwards, he saw the Battle God Puppet standing straight up behind him, pair of deep green eyes staring at him, shooting out bloodthirsty, savage rays of light.

Dongfang Xuan’s heart immediately lifted up.

There was still a faint trace of a lucky feeling in his heart.

One must know that this Battle God Puppet had absorbed a lot of crystal stones belonging to him that had spirit force. It shouldn’t move against him right?

At this time, this same question also appeared in Su Luo’s head. But compared to Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo was a lot more blessed, because the little stone told her the truth.

The little stone’s voice was faint, but very clear: “Dongfang Xuan is too ridiculous, before the Battle God Puppet had used up all its spirit force, he actually fed it more food. Could it be he still thinks this Battle God Puppet will become his?”

Su Luo, hearing this, directly sprayed out a mouthful of laughter in her heart. Dongfang Xuan’s luck was really bad right? There actually was this kind of thing?

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