DKC – Chapter 1758

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Chapter 1758 – The world in the bottom of the lake (3)

“You really know?” Su Luo looked at him in surprise, “Whose fist is so strong? Actually with one hit made such a huge lava cave?”

The little stone said faintly: “If I didn’t guess wrongly, it ought to be a Battle God Puppet. But even if I said Battle God Puppet, you probably don’t have any concept of what it is. Because this kind of Battle God Puppet has already disappeared from the world.”

“Really?” Su Luo felt a slight regret.

“You really shouldn’t feel regret, if a Battle God Puppet still remained here, then we both would die for certain.” Little Stone unhappily slanted Su Luo a glance, “A Battle God Puppet’s territorial sense is very intense. Moreover, its battle sense is very strong.”

“Really?” Su Luo whispered this the second time.

Just when the two were murmuring, suddenly, not far away came the sound of footsteps.

“What things?” Su Luo’s pair of eyes was innocent and bewildered.

Who knew that at this time, the little stone shouted at Su Luo: “Shut up!”

Su Luo stared blankly from being shouted at, she foolishly stared at the little stone. But right now, the little stone was more stirred up than her: “Don’t speak!”

“What happened?” Su Luo used her mind to carefully have a conversation with the little stone. Really was because the little stone’s attitude’s change was too great. In Su Luo’s impression, the little stone hadn’t ever been this careful.

“Snap, snap——” This sound was becoming clearer and clearer.

The little stone’s complexion immediately became abnormally pale.

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo’s mood was also affected by his and she couldn’t help but start to be nervous.

“You are toast!” The little stone very fiercely roared at Su Luo in a low voice, “What kind of luck do you have ah? Actually dare to boast you have good luck? On the street, randomly pulling over a person and their luck is one hundred times better than yours!”

The little stone’s anger was vigorous. But Su Luo was still puzzled. Even up till now, she still didn’t know what happened. In the end, what was the little stone angry about?

In the wake of the snapping sound coming closer and closer, the little stone finally said: “If I didn’t guess wrongly, this sound…ought to be…given off by the Battle God Puppet…”

“You…” Su Luo was jolted. “Battle God Puppet? Didn’t you say that Battle God Puppets no longer exist in this world?”

This was something he had just said, it was still hot. How long had it been ah, immediately having your face slapped.

The little stone arrogantly glared at Su Luo: “Here is Secret Roaming Dragon Territory and not the mainland. Moreover, how would I have known that after so many years, this Battle God Puppet hasn’t been scrapped ah!”

“Then you say, what ought we do now?” Su Luo spread out her hands, able to smash out such a large lava cave with one hit of its fist, how strong must that strength be? Afraid it would be stronger than even Dongfang Xuan.

“Why are you still staring blankly? Quickly run ah!” The little stone hurriedly urged Su Luo.

Su Luo’s face was full of awkwardness, because the only road to continue living was on the lake’s surface. But on the lake’s surface, Dongfang Xuan surely had set up a trap, waiting for her to take the bait. If she went up, wasn’t this walking directly into the trap?

Just when Su Luo was hesitating, the little stone’s sharp voice sounded in her mind: “Battle God Puppet’s awareness of its territory is very sharp! Moreover, its strength can only be stronger than Dongfang Xuan and not weaker! What to do you choose!”

Strength that was stronger than Dongfang Xuan? Su Luo was so depressed that she almost spit out blood.

Now, arranged in front of Su Luo was to choose a road with the chance of dying nine times out of ten.

“Let’s run!” Su Luo helplessly turned around and hurriedly ran away.

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