DKC – Chapter 1757

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Chapter 1757 – The world at the bottom of the lake (2)

Without time to think, one only saw Su Luo’s figure shorten with a splash sound.

Before the ice blades arrived, she jumped into the lake a step before!

After the ice blades arrived, because they lost the target, these ice blades collided with each other. After the confused sounds of pitter-platter, they finally became faint white powder that scattered into the black lake.

Dongfang Xuan watched flabbergasted.

“Loathsome girl, actually jumped into the lake! This really is there is a road to heaven you don’t walk and no doors to hell but you insist on rushing in.” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes had a radiant light.

He could sense that there was a very strong organism that was living inside the lake. And this kind of formadiable existence zealously guarded their domain, repelling all external people. Su Luo so casually rushing in was absolutely going to die.

Dongfang Xuan stood in mid-air, looking at the tranquil surface of the lake. His eyes were half-narrowed, he was considering if he should follow after Su Luo and jump into this black lake.

After considering for a long time, he still decided to give up going in. Because he felt that he really didn’t have the need to take such a huge risk.

Although Dongfang Xuan was certain there was a very formidable aura inside, he was also certain that after Su Luo jumped into the black lake, her life would be in danger. However, he didn’t leave. Rather, he sat cross-legged on the lake shore. While silently healing his internal injuries, he also observed the situation. As long as Su Luo came out, he wouldn’t let her have another slight chance to escape.

Just when Dongfang Xuan was setting up this inescapable net, Su Luo was also not idle at the bottom of the lake.

After Su Luo jumped into the black lake, her entire person entered a dizzy state. So sleepy as if she would fall asleep forever.

But at this time, the little stone gave an intense sharp cry in Su Luo’s head. This cry immediately removed Su Luo from her disoriented state.

After Su Luo returned to her senses, a burst of cold sweat appeared on her back.

Because now that Su Luo had finally sank into the bottom of the lake, she could clearly see those fishes and all kinds of creatures that were unconscious in the surroundings.

All around, there was a deathly stillness and unusual quiet.

Su Luo’s heart shivered, if she didn’t have the little stone’s help, she would certainly have fallen asleep. To the extent that she would never wake up.

Su Luo hurriedly stuffed a Clearing Mind Pill into her mouth. This was the Emperor-ranked Clearing Mind Pill that Grandmaster Rong Yun had specifically refined for Su Luo. Right now, Su Luo had no choice but to admire Beautiful Teacher’s acute foresight. Otherwise, she would certainly end up terribly.

After her mind became clear-headed, Su Luo begin to size up her surroundings. But around her, besides those motionless creatures, actually didn’t have any aura that was moving about.

“In the end, what is this place?” Su Luo lifted her head to look, but at this time, she simply couldn’t see clearly what’s above her head. She only felt that the surroundings was an area that was pitch-black, didn’t seem to be like the bottom of a lake.

“Secret room.” The little stone rolled his eyes in annoyance at Su Luo. Then under Su Luo’s expectant gaze, he helplessly told her that during her unconsciousness, she was carried by the flow of the water into this cave formed from lava.

“What a big lava cave, don’t know how it was formed.” Su Luo looked at this massive lava cave, and couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. Who would have known that there was another universe under the lake?

The little stone looked at this cave, afterwards, his brows were tightly knotted.

“What? Could it be you have some clues?” Seeing that the little stone had a rare frown, Su Luo smilingly asked. She originally said the words casually, but outside of her expectations, the little stone actually replied.

“A fist smashed it out, how else could it have formed?” The little stone slanted a faint glance at Su Luo, and said this without thinking.

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