DKC – Chapter 1746

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Chapter 1746- Fleeing underground (3)

As for stepping on the waves to cross over, this was impossible. But Su Luo always felt that under this dark green-colored river, a great danger was hidden at its bottom. This was something her sixth sense told her. If it wasn’t necessary, Su Luo really didn’t want to invite trouble.

Now, placed in front of Su Luo was two roads.

One was to think of a way to cross over this dark river to the other side. The other way was to return from the road she came from and return to Nangong Liuyun’s side.

As long as she could cross this dark river, very quickly, she would see the maze of the fourth challenge. But if she was to return to Nangong Liuyun’s side, it would be a long road back….Moreover, she might bring back Dongfang Xuan, who had great fighting power.

Before, she had specifically run away so she could draw Dongfang Xuan away. Now, why would she bring him back? If she just so happened to encounter them battling together, and Dongfang Xuan helped the gigantic dragon, then wouldn’t she regret to death? So after much thought, Su Luo still decided to first cross this river and then discuss it.

How to cross this river safely, this was a question worth pondering over.

Suddenly, Su Luo recalled the scene when Nangong Liuyun brought her back to land from the East China Sea. At that time, it was merely two wooden boards, but Nangong Liuyun brought her over the seas confidently and easily as if ice skating, and the speed was also very fast.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a smile. Soon after, she found a wooden board, deciding to imitate Nangong Liuyun’s methods from that time.

But when Su Luo was just preparing to put the wooden board into the river, she discovered that the ground trembled slightly.

“Not good!” Su Luo cried out in alarm.

She lifted her head to look. Sure enough, Dongfang Xuan stood in front of her with a gloomy face. His gaze was like a hungry wolf’s, staring at her in a frosty manner!

Su Luo’s body suddenly had the feeling of being chilled to the bones.

Right now, Dongfang Xuan was like an volcano about to explode, giving people an extremely terrifying feeling. It made people really want to take to their heels and run.

Su Luo’s heart was somewhat anxious, but her face still remained calm as water. She smiled and said in a composed manner: “Brother Dongfang, long time no see oh.”

“Long, time, no, see?!” Dongfang Xuan fumed with rage and bit out each word. His tone was even as he grinded out these four words.

“It’s you who hasn’t seen me for a long time, as for me, I need to thank Dongfang Xuan for carrying me along the way.” Su Luo’s smile was as dazzling as the fireworks. Her eyes had a trace of being pleased with herself and ridicule.

Su Luo’s ghost of a smile and attitude ignited Dongfang Xuan’s rage that he had specifically suppressed.

“Loathsome girl! Die!” Dongfang Xuan, this time, didn’t even waste any time to say superfluous words to Su Luo. He directly used his biggest killing move!

“Ice and Fire Both Soar to the Sky!” Dongfang Xuan bellowed.

In an instant, it seemed that the temperature in the surroundings dropped to freezing point. One after another, ignited columns of flames shot towards Su Luo from all directions!

In a flash, the cold ice sealed both of Su Luo’s feet, making it hard for her to move even half a step.

The thick columns of flames shot over like arrows, carrying with them sound that could split the sky, surging up violently like the tide with matchless power.

Su Luo wanted to avoid it but discovered a long time ago that she couldn’t move a single step. Now, she stood there like a statue, motionless and could only become a living target.

Only one move, the situation changed dramatically. Su Luo now was in an extremely dangerous circumstance.

Dongfang Xuan, this move, used one hundred percent of his power. It came like torrential rain. It could be seen how furious he was at this time. He was almost on the edge of going insane.

But could Su Luo really become a motionless target while alive? This was clearly impossible. Although he had learned from previous experiences, Dongfang Xuan’s calculation still had a little hole.

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