DKC – Chapter 1745

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Chapter 1745 – Fleeing underground (2)

One only saw a very small Variant Acacia Tree, but its roots expanded out at a speed the naked eyes could see. It became thick and solid, then very long. The four thick roots extended in all four directions.

In fact, Su Luo’s plan was very simple.

Just now, she suddenly recalled the situation in the Demon Cave at that time. That place had a maze, almost at every turn, several more roads would appear to choose from. So Su Luo also learned from that and let the Variant Acacia Tree build four different paths. Like this, when Dongfang Xuan rushed over, wouldn’t it make him hesitate for a long time? Moreover,with four paths, if he wanted to find the correct one, he would need to spend a lot of effort.

Originally, Su Luo’s speed couldn’t be compared to Dongfang Xuan’s. If she was continuously chased in this underground tunnel, sooner or later, she would be caught. But now, Su Luo used this method, and it would be a great hindrance to Dongfang Xuan hunting her down.

All the wrath in Dongfang Xuan’s heart turned into speed, going all out to chase. But before he ran very far, when he saw the four small paths standing in front of him, Dongfang Xuan’s expression changed slightly.

“Could it be that underneath there was already a tunnel?” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. Otherwise, based on Su Luo’s ability to dig holes, how could she run and dig at the same time? Moreover, still four paths?

While Dongfang Xuan mumbled to himself, his footsteps stopped. His fingers pinched a small piece of earth to examine carefully. Afterwards, his brows wrinkled tightly: “Not right ah, these earth definitely couldn’t have existed for long. If it’s like this….”

Dongfang Xuan arrived at a conclusion: at Su Luo’s side must be an organism that was really good at digging holes.

Even at this stage, Dongfang Xuan still couldn’t imagine that in fact, the matter of digging holes were merely as simple as the Variant Acacia Tree extending its root system.

The four roads ahead, all traces of Su Luo having passed though had been erased. Although it’s not as bad as Dongfang Xuan rushing in to every road and rush back out. He still had no choice but to release his spirit aura to check. Among them, there were three roads that’s less than several kilometers before stopping. Only the other one continuously extended out without an end.

“Loathsome girl!” Dongfang Xuan very fiercely spit out these words. He got up and directly pursued.

But this kind of thing wasn’t only once, rather, countless times, this occurred in a loop.

Everytime Dongfang Xuan’s speed rose to the extreme, he would discover four roads appearing up ahead. Then he would examine the roads one by one and chose the correct one in the end, and increase his speed to pursue. Like this, the distance between the two increased. How could Dongfang Xuan catch Su Luo like this? The distance between the two not only didn’t decrease, but actually became further and further apart.

Like this, Su Luo tunneled underground and unconsciously walked for a long time.

When she detected the atmosphere up ahead was moist, then she stopped.

After going up to look from underground, when Su Luo touched the sunlight, she was slightly unused to it. But very quickly, she restored to normal.

Up ahead was a large river, the river automatically flowed westwards. Su Luo took out the map and checked whether if she wanted to go north, was this wide river the route she must take.


Su Luo carefully examined this river.

The surface of the river was a dark green color, clean but not clear. No one knew what was hidden beneath. Right now, the surface of the river was calm as a mirror, without a single ripple.

The surface of the river was several hundreds of meters wide, based on Su Luo’s current strength, wanting to fly over it was simply impossible.

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